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6 Brands That ‘Killed’ It For Halloween

28.10.16 Social Media

By Rob Pollard
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It’s that wonderful time of year again- no not Christmas (although we’re sure the Lightbox team would love it to be). It’s Halloween and to celebrate we’ve rounded up some of our favourite marketing campaigns from the brands that absolutely killed it. It’s the perfect time of year to get creative and come up with a quirky campaign to get your brand out there and when it’s Halloween related, you’re sure to attract a lot of attention (especially if you do it well like the examples we’re about to show you).

1. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Scares (2013)

Kellogg’s had a great opportunity here, changing the name of their ‘Rice Krispies Squares’ to ‘Rice Krispies Scares’ for this hilarious marketing campaign. Complete with a promotional video, Kellogg’s attracted a lot of attention with this campaign and still 3 years later, it’s being watched over and over again. Give this video a watch… would you go back for your free ‘Scare’?

2. Tesco Spookermarket (2015)

It’s always good when one of your favourite supermarkets jump on the bandwagon isn’t it? Last year, Tesco gave us the ‘Spookermarket’ (again, excellent opportunity when it comes to the name). This involved customers who were trying to do their shopping instead having quite the scare. It’s definitely a must watch but it might have you doubting those in store displays the next time you do your weekly shop.

3. Chipotle’s ‘Boorito’ (ongoing)

This is an American campaign but we still love it over here. The clever branding from Chipotle means that during Halloween a ‘Burrito’ is upgraded to a ‘Boorito’ and if you turn up in your Halloween outfit then you get it for less, you save money and have a chance to get in the spirit. Another key factor of this campaign is the fact that it actually raises money for charity too, a great move from the brand.


4. Airbnb’s Night in the Catacombs (2015)

We doubt anyone in the Lightbox office would put themselves up for this little getaway but it’s a pretty cool marketing campaign. The brand gave a lucky pair the opportunity to spend the night in one of Paris’s most popular -and scariest- places, the catacomb’s! Complete with a real double bed, breakfast and a private concert.  Question is would you want to spend the night alongside 6 million dead Parisians?


5. Burger King’s ‘Halloween Whopper’ (2015)

The Halloween Whopper was introduced to the UK last year, inspired by the Japanese version. The burger bun itself was stained with a natural colourant and BBQ baked into the bread, which is what gave it it’s jet black look. This clever burger design was extremely popular in the UK and had a lot of people talking about it… great news for Burger King!


6. Starbucks Frappula Frappuccino (ongoing)

This ones another American phenomenon and the Lightbox team definitely wish it could come to the UK (ASAP). This cool drink found itself all over social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram; the drink was even trending- it was that popular. The drink is made using mocha sauce, whipped cream, the usual white chocolate mocha Frappucino and then it’s topped with the bloody raspberry syrup, so it’s yummy and still gives you those Halloween feels. A great Halloween marketing campaign from Starbucks, who always seem to do it right.


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