Cultivating business growth by offering our team a voice, while encouraging healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours and work ethics.  

You want to know about the culture at Lightbox? What we’re really like when no one is looking? Well, culture is a hard thing to describe – it just is.

But if we say that we believe that if you’re not enjoying it, you’re not doing it right; that it’s okay to pour everything into doing the best for our clients, then wind down for a few minutes on the Nintendo or Playstation; and that birthdays are a big thing in our office, mainly because we love cake – then you’ll start to get the flavour.

The truth is, our culture is to do your very best; to learn; to enjoy what you do; and to never do things by halves. And we recognise the effort that goes into creating great solutions for 
our clients, by making Lightbox a great place to work.

So just for example, at Lightbox everyone gets a minimum of 24 days holiday every year and they get their birthday off too – our people are special, and their special day is worth celebrating. And every month we appoint a colleague as ‘boxer of the month’ to highlight how they’ve gone the extra mile. Because going the extra mile is our real culture, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

"Culture is an important differentiator to set us apart from the competition."

PJ Ellis
Director, Lightbox

Out and about!

As often as we can, we get together to socialise and – in short – have a bit of fun.

This time is crucial for collaborating and working together when we are back in the office solving creative, scheduling or technical challenges.

Boxer of the month

The Players’ Player Award is always the most sought after award, right?

It’s all about celebrating that one team member who never lets you down, who has been in those trenches with your colleagues, ran through brick walls, gone the extra mile for a client, and took one for the team.  Or it’s that person who made others laugh more.

Every month Lightbox’s employees nominate a colleague who they feel has best showcased our values and is deserving of that recognition.

Boxer of the year

At the end of the year, we hold our Boxer of the Year awards where everyone gets that all-important vote to crown our champion.

“The new office creates the foundation to build the next chapter of Lightbox, putting our clients and people first to achieve our collective ambition.”

Rob Pollard
Founder, Lightbox
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