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Want To Increase Profits By Up To 95%? See How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Could Help Your Ecommerce Business

In becoming a sustainable e-commerce business, you must consider the fact that loyal customers determine your success, so you should invest a lot of time in developing a marketing strategy that not only acquires new customers but works on retaining them. Remember… customers don’t appear overnight, you have to earn them and that is where […]

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How dealing with Cart Abandonment can increase your conversion by up to 100%

Shopping cart abandonment has existed since 1979, when the first ever-online purchase was made. However, even with the advances in e-commerce technology, giving consumers the ability to ‘abandon’ purchases has created a rising challenge for retailers taking to e-commerce. This article will break down everything you need to know about cart abandonment, from exactly what […]

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Using Social Media Marketing to boost traffic to your SME website

How SME’s can use social media marketing to boost traffic: Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays a significant role in the way B2B or B2C companies interact with one another. With 97% of businesses playing an active role in the online community, and 90% agreeing that it increases exposure to their site. Many marketers believe that […]

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Ecommerce Success Metrics For Your Business

The ecommerce economy has seen significant growth in recent years and that is set to continue throughout 2017. The opportunity for success within the ecommerce world is intriguing and promising which explains why more and more people are combining traditional business methods with new technology, through an e-commerce channel. The concept of ecommerce is simple, it […]

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Our Favourite Christmas Campaigns Of 2016

Here at Lightbox, we love having a look at what’s happening in the world of marketing. Big marketing budgets often mean powerful campaigns and that is especially true at this time of year… Christmas. In October we wrote about the 6 Brands That Killed It For Halloween, this time we want to share some of our favourite […]

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