7 Steps For Social Media Success

In the last year the population of social media users has risen by 176 million. There are currently 2.3 billion active social media users! Creating a basic social media account is easy, the harder part is making it a success. You can’t make an account and leave it to lie dormant; you would be wasting your time as chances are no one will see you, and you don’t want that! To utilise and take full advantage of all the benefits of social media then abide by these 7 rules, you’ll soon see exactly why more and more businesses are using the online world of social media as a basis for their marketing strategy.

1. Quality

This is a given. You don’t want to be publishing rubbish, it will just deter people away from coming back to you in the future. Make sure you are giving relevant information that is made as simple as possible, nobody wants to read through an essay of text. Really think about quality over quantity; that doesn’t mean you can upload one amazing blog post every 6 months though… you’ve got to find a balance!

2. Communication

By talking to and engaging with your audience, you are building relationships. Reply to comments, reach out to the relevant people, give recommendations, give thanks to someone you have worked with. All of those things will allow your business to strengthen and multiply relations.


3. Consistency

As briefly mentioned above, you can’t be uploading content irregularly. Your audience wants structure; if for example, you make a point of uploading a YouTube video every Wednesday then your audience may remember this and therefore come back every Wednesday. With platforms such as Twitter, you don’t want to be tweeting a lot in one day and then say nothing for 2 weeks, it just looks bad on your part!

4. Give it time

You’ve heard the saying ‘patience is a virtue’ right? Well you need to adhere to this more than ever when it comes to social media. Things won’t happen over night and you shouldn’t give up when it seems like it’s not working because the truth is it will, as long as you are putting the effort in. You’ll soon notice that you’re attracting more and more people, that is progress!

5. Scheduling & Automating Content

It’s understandable that sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the working day to get all of your social media platforms updated but don’t worry you can still be consistent by scheduling stuff! More and more influencers are scheduling their content to upload at convenient times for them, that means that you can sit down for a couple of hours and plan out what and when you want your stuff to go live…In some instances, this could be a life saver. A good site to use for scheduling posts is Buffer, here you can track how well your post is doing too! Now when it comes to automated content, you don’t want to be worried about coming across like a robot because it’s not always the way it appears. Even having an automated DM set on Twitter for new followers will make you come across as more professional and engaging.


6. Encourage employee engagement

Your employee’s may just be your most valuable assets when it come’s to getting your content out there. There’s no harm in them retweeting or sharing the stuff posted on the companies social media platforms is there? The number of friends people have these days could mean that even one share to your employee’s personal Facebook account could reach out to an extra 1000 people!

7. Share!

Believe it or not, your audience might be interested in things other than the service/product you’ve got to offer them. If you are working with the intention of reaching out to your local area then share information connected with your local area, it will personify your business and draw in a wider audience. Share articles connected with your industry, this will show off your knowledge and give you some relevance in current affairs. You’ve got nothing to lose!