Finalist at the Birmingham Awards 2017

We’re a finalist at the Birmingham Awards 2017, for Small Business of the Year!

We’re happy to announce that Lightbox Digital has been selected as a finalist for Small Business of the Year at the Birmingham Awards 2017!

We’re extremely proud and humbled to have received this recognition from Birmingham Awards and feel privileged to play an active role in the development of Birmingham’s future.

Since moving from Lichfield just over 2 years ago, Lightbox has been able to re-imagine the digital offering of many great businesses whilst also networking with the amazing professionals working within this city. Birmingham is a driving force for change across a range of diverse cultures and industries and we’re proud to be a part of that.

If you’d like to vote for the Lightbox team you can do so by visiting this link,


Voting closes on the 8th of September. Thank you!