Greg is Announced as July’s Boxer of the Month

At the start of every month, the Lightbox team get together for our Boxer of the Month awards. This is a chance for us to reflect on each other’s achievements from the previous month, and to recognise and celebrate those who have excelled in their roles and lived by our core values.

Each member of the team has the chance to show their gratitude for their colleagues by nominating the person they think has demonstrated our company values and deserves to be shouted out about.

From different departments across the business, the top contenders for the top spot this month were our Digital Designer, Heather, and Social Media Executive, Hannah, who were neck and neck for the title this month.

Heather was nominated due to the ownership and drive she demonstrated while Dan, our Head of Design, was on annual leave and left Heather to manage the design functionality in his absence. While Hannah’s enthusiasm and support for the wider team were the main reasons behind her nominations. 

Well done to two of the Lightbox ladies for receiving such high praise across the company this month, but it was our Developer, Greg who took the title.

Greg has been close to being crowned Boxer of the Month on more than one occasion but has always missed out by just a few votes. A hard worker who is always happy to help other members of the team where he can, Greg has played a fundamental part in a variety of websites being created and pushed live over the last couple of months.

When voting for Greg, one member of the team said “Greg has successfully launched three websites this month and has continued to put in a lot of hard work as always”, while another said, “Greg has been working hard across a range of client projects this month and has been putting out some great work, for which he has received some great feedback from the clients. He has offered his support to the digital marketing team, too, and is an all-round great guy.”

Congratulations to our Boxer of the Month, Greg. We’re delighted to finally award him with a much-deserved Boxer of the Month award.