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Brand awareness is one of the top goals most businesses have in mind.

It drives consumers’ decisions when choosing between competing companies.

It encourages repeat purchases and leads to an increase in sales.

It means that people will remember you.

So if building brand awareness isn’t already one of your priorities, it should be.

And luckily it’s never been easier. Social media is such a powerful tool in marketing and the content you create and share feeds directly into the public’s narrative of your brand.

Read on to find out how you can build a strong brand presence using social media:

  • Start with the basics
  • Visuals on point
  • What’s your tone of voice?
  • Measure the impact

Start with the basics

First things first, complete a social media audit and make sure all of your social platforms are aligned.

Are you using the same logo throughout? Are your handles as closely related as possible so people can find your accounts easily? Are you using the same bio? Is your colour palette the same? What about your cover photos?

Go through all these elements and make sure your brand is consistent throughout. It will create a strong brand image and allow someone to easily recognise you no matter what platform you’re on.

Visuals on point

It might sound obvious but posting content frequently is important for making an impression on social media and increasing your brand awareness.

Arguably, what’s even more important is posting content in a consistent style which builds your brand identity.

There’s several things you can do to achieve this- use the same filter on all your photos, use the same fonts on images, use the same colours etc.

To save time it’s worth creating design templates you can quickly adapt. And you don’t need to pay an expensive designer to do this, there’s loads of apps and platforms out there (Canva, Story Art, Unfold)

When your content aligns with the look and feel of your brand, it further reinforces what you’re about and allows users to quickly recognise when a post is from you without even seeing your brand logo or social media handle. This type of brand recognition is the ultimate goal for your social media branding efforts.

Tone of voice

After visuals, captions are the second most important component to creating a brand using social media as they reflect your company’s tone of voice.

The way a brand communicates is a big part of its identity and conveys the company’s personality. Are you chatty? Jokey? Informative?

You may have already established a brand voice through your other marketing efforts and just need to make sure this translates on your social media platforms.

Creating a tone of voice guide can be a good idea to stay consistent, especially if multiple people are managing and creating content for your social media accounts. Even small details like if you use the term ‘customers’ or ‘clients’ can make a big difference as you don’t want it to appear like you are writing from contrasting perspectives.

When creating your tone of voice guide imagine your brand as a person and consider what type of language they would use…  Even try and describe this person in terms of age, gender, interests, and personality as it will help you imagine how they would speak!

Can you get away with using slang or industry specific language? Think about the main reason your brand is on social media. Is it to educate and inform or to entertain your audience?

Measure the impact

Building a strong brand isn’t necessarily a quantitative task which can make it tricky to measure.

However if you are going to try and look at metrics there are a few things you can consider…

Is your website traffic changing over time? And how much of it is attributed to Direct Traffic? If you see an increasing stream of traffic from those people who have typed your URL into their address bar you can bet that brand awareness is a reason for this.

Arguably, the most effective tactic to measure brand awareness is by using social listening. Tracking how many people are speaking about your company and listening to what they have to say is a brilliant way to understand the public’s perception of your brand. If the number of people that are talking about you is increasing, you can take from this that the number of people who know about you is also increasing!

Or use the old fashioned technique and send out regular surveys to your audience to understand their level of brand recognition. Asking where they heard about your brand is always a good start!

To wrap it up, your online persona can make or break your brand. But by following these simple steps and taking a consistent approach, you can’t go too wrong!

For more help with your social media contact our team today!

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