How to Sleigh Your Social Media This Christmas

Social media is never busier than during the festive season. It’s a crucial period for brands to make their mark, get their cash tills ringing out and to connect with customers. Times are tough and rarely has there been a better time to lift the nation’s spirits…

So, in the run up to Christmas what should you be doing on social media?

  • Don’t be a grinch
  • Peace, Love, & Post
  • ‘Tis the season for giving
  • It’s the most wonderful & competitive time of the year (for paid ads)

Don’t be a grinch

Let’s end a difficult year with some festive cheer! Finding the bright side and sending out positive vibes can only be a good thing and will likely encourage engagement with your followers. Look out for what seasonal hashtags are trending and incorporate these into your captions, or even better come up with some of your own.

Consider giving your social page a boost with a christmas themed logo or perhaps cover photo on Facebook… Even better make it humorous to give your audience something to laugh about! But if comedy doesn’t strike the right tone for your brand, opt for posting a cheerful ‘Merry Christmas’ message on the big day.   

Peace, Love, & Post 

Don’t neglect your social media over Christmas… stats show there is actually a spike in social activity at this time, so make sure you’re part of it!

Why not jump on the #selfgift bandwagon? Afterall, 54% of holiday shoppers in the UK research gifts for themselves according to Facebook. Even better, 53% of those are more likely to explore new products during the festive season rather than any other time of the year. So take advantage of this and stay present!

Don’t forget everyone needs a little time off over Christmas. So if you want a phone-free day, plan and schedule your social content to go out when you would normally post. Our favourite scheduling tools to use are, Loomly and ContentCal.

‘Tis the season for giving

There is never a more perfect time to give back than at Christmas!

Everyone knows hosting a giveaway can be a great strategy to quickly and easily give your social media a boost (read more in our Why Your Social Media Sucks Blog). So use the golden opportunity of Christmas to let your followers be in with a chance of winning something of yours.

It’s a win-win, they get a gift, and you get new followers, lots of engagement and awesome user-generated content!

But don’t let the giving stop there! Share your brands values by giving back to your community or setting up a fundraiser for a chosen charity.

Even if it’s a simple office Christmas Jumper Day, post this on your social media and reveal the faces behind your brand. It’s for a good cause and reminds your audience that you aren’t all serious business all of the time.

It’s the most wonderful & competitive time of the year (for paid ads) 

It’s not just crowded in the shops at Christmas, the world of social media is also chock-a-block with ads. So if you want yours to stand out from the rest, you need to get creative!

Try using ad styles that generate excitement and make them personal to the user. All big brands are using retargeting strategies, so if you’re not personalising your ads, chances are you’re losing customers to competitors who are! (read our favourite Real World Retargeting Ads here)

Why not try video and story ads? Immersive, full vertical screen content is booming at the moment so take advantage of this when you’re planning your ads this festive season.

Wrapping it up

Christmas is a vital time for brand building and whilst there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, staying authentic, relevant and positive is a great mindset to have.

Whilst Christmas will be very different this year, don’t be afraid to use your social media presence to deliver a well-needed dose of sparkle and cheer.

Remember, if you’re looking for some extra help with your social media marketing, our Birmingham social media experts are here to help!