Instagram’s New Algorithm: How can you make it work?

With 500 million active monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most effective and successful social media platforms to use when it comes to marketing. Getting content out there has never been so easy for anyone, from small time bloggers to successful businesses but is that all about to change? If you’ve recently been on Instagram you may have noticed that the top photo on your feed could actually be from a couple of days ago and that’s because Instagram has scrapped the chronological order element and instead introduced a feed based on what they think you might want to see in no particular order.

But what does this mean? In a nutshell this new format means that users will more than likely miss out on most of the recent content

from those they follow. Instagram say that we only see 30% of posts anyway but this change will see the most popular content appear first meaning smaller businesses may be hit hard and miss out on engaging with potential audiences.

You can make it work though! By putting a bit more effort into your strategy, you could beat it!

Three Top Tips:

  1. It’s important to produce quality posts instead of thinking of quantity; uploading 4 posts a day may not actually give you an advantage against competitors so instead take the time to curate a post that sticks out and says exactly what you want it too.
  2. Captions. Concise but relevant captions are key for engaging with the correct audience! You should aim to instigate an action. Get them to your website, to follow a link or to even tag their friends.
  3. When it comes to hashtags, you need to make sure they are relevant. I’m sure you’ve seen those posts that have got 30 random hashtags how messy do they look?! Yeah you want to reach out to as many people as possible but if you think about the right hashtags you will do that anyway. Top tip when it comes to hashtags, if you put them in a comment on the picture instead of in the caption, they’ll eventually disappear when people comment on your post; it makes everything look that little bit tidier.

You might be feeling a little deflated because of the new Instagram update but hopefully this post has given you some reassurance that you can still reach out to your audience. If you follow the advice above then you’ll be winning!

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