Is Age Just a Number in Social Media Marketing?

Is Age Just a Number in Social Media Marketing?
Madonna Releases New Music Video via Snapchat.

Madonna, the Queen of pop, the 80’s icon and the social media pioneer…

Known for her music, her style, her controversial and outspoken self, her ability to reinvent herself through the eras, Madonna – the ever changing artist has embraced social media marketing and released her latest music video via Snapchat.

Madonna’s “Living for Love” appears in Snapchat’s newly launched Discover tab, a feature that has transformed the ephemeral messaging app into a more robust media platform that’s primed to attract more music videos, trailers and even original series.

Once users click on the Snapchat ghost in the Discover tab, they’re taken to a teaser of the video (watch above). Swiping up opens the full music video, while swiping left brings them to behind-the-scenes footage, a quote and a short video message from Madonna.

Snapchat is the latest service behind Facebook, Twitter and Shazam to debut a music video, as musicians and labels are exploring new ways to distribute music to combat dwindling sales in the age of streaming, downloads and YouTube.

Social Media is often considered a young persons game, a communications channel for teenagers and young adults to share photos, thoughts and trends and is finally grabbing serious attention when it comes to developing a sales and marketing strategy.

NO longer just a channel for the ‘kids’ to chat on about their homework – social media marketing is a growing and powerful channel and today’s PR / Marketing stunt by Madonna highlights its importance of having a strong digital strategy.