Level Up Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed is one of the first things someone sees when they land on your profile. Think of it as your virtual business card!

It’s often the deciding factor in whether a person presses the Follow button or not- which is why it’s so important to consider your feed as a whole and not just a collection of individual posts.

A strong and cohesive Instagram aesthetic that aligns with your business can turn clicks into customers and can help build your brand awareness.

But how do you create a great Instagram feed? We’re here to help.

Choose a theme

Your instagram ‘theme’ is simply how your feed looks overall. It’s your visual personality.

It might be bright, moody, boho, minimal.. The list goes on!

If you’re trying to decide upon a theme a good place to start can be by looking at Instagram accounts you follow and seeing what naturally grabs your attention. There’s also loads of mood boards on Pinterest that you can take inspiration from!

The biggest aspect that determines your theme is your colour palette. Did you know that consumers judge a brand within 90 seconds of seeing it for the first time and 90% of this judgement is based on colour?

That’s why colour plays a huge role in your brand recognition and it’s important to choose your colours wisely!


We suggest sticking to a maximum of 4 colours – any more and your feed won’t have that cohesive colour or tone you’re after.

Remember, your Instagram feed shouldn’t feel disjointed from the rest of your branding, so it’s important to incorporate your brand colours into your theme.

A really easy way to stick to a consistent theme on Instagram is by using the same filter across all your images. This will ensure the same tones pop in your photos!

But don’t restrict yourself to the filters included on the Instagram app, there’s loads of great apps out there with literally hundreds of filters to choose from. Our favourites are VSCO, Afterlight, and Lightroom.

Here are a few examples of different colour themes to take inspo from!


Categorise Posts

Whilst the colour sets the tone for your Instagram feed, the things you post and talk about also contribute to your theme.

Think about what you are passionate about and what you want your instagram to be known for…

It can be helpful to break up your instagram content into different categories.

For example:

  • User-Generated content
  • Product Shot
  • Selfie
  • Behind the scenes
  • Meet the team
  • Quote
  • Video
  • Review
  • Model photography

If you can, try to mix up the category every time you post. You could even come up with a schedule for giving each day a labelled category.

Not only will this provide you with ideas and structure when you schedule your social media but it will help you break up your feed and give it some balance.


Choose a grid layout

Okay so you’ve chosen your colour theme and you’ve decided what you’re going to post. This leads us to the next step: choosing your grid layout.

Your grid layout is how you position your posts in your feed.

Using a grid layout helps you to think about the overall look of your feed and helps keep everything looking consistent!

Let’s explain- each square plays an important role in your instagram feed. When all these squares come together they form a layout.

There’s quite a few different grid layouts but here are just a couple:

1) Squares

This is the most basic instagram grid layout and the one most people choose to use! Simply post a photo, one square at a time.

You don’t necessarily need to think about an overall layout with this one but it’s still good to stick to your theme and use consistent filters! This helps your entire feed achieve a consistent look and feel, across every photo you post.


2) Checkerboard

This layout involves alternating between two colours or categories of posts.

A classic example of this is a photo followed by a quote.

It’s a really easy way to structure your posts and also very visually appealing!

One thing to bear in mind is you should try to stick to the same background and font in your quotes to make this look most effective.


3) Row by row

One of the most interesting layouts in my opinion is the ‘row by row’.

This involves posting 3 images next to each other that tell a story and are related to each other in terms of colour or

visual aesthetic.

This layout works really well because as you scroll down the feed your eyes move from left to right, similar to reading a magazine!


4) Puzzle Layout

The puzzle layout is the master of all layouts as it’s the hardest to execute and maintain. It’s also the most impressive to look at!

Each individual post is an image in itself that adds to a larger image. In other words, each post is a piece of the puzzle.

The best way to do this is split up a larger image into 9 smaller squares that you can then post individually.


Plan ahead

The most important step BY FAR to improving your Instagram feed is planning out your posts beforehand.

There’s loads of different tools you can choose from for this. You can invest in a social media scheduling platform like Loomly, Sprout Social or Content Cal, or you even download a free app like Preview!

When you use a tool to plan out your content you can visualise exactly how it will look on your grid and make sure everything flows.

You can also rearrange how your future posts will look, to avoid placing two of the same colours next to each other or not enough of one colour on your grid.

When you space out your posts based on their colours or even their subject or background, it’s easier on the eye and allows for a contrast between posts.

This may sound time consuming but planning out your feed can actually save you time in the long run, not to mention enhance your Instagram aesthetic!

preview app

Bonus tips

These may sound obvious but using taking these small tips on board will certainly give your instagram feed a boost:

  • Use high quality images: A blurry photo can be seen from miles away and will definitely wreck all of your hard work on the grid.
  • Consider backgrounds: When taking or choosing photos to upload to your Instagram it’s key to look at the background. A simple and clean background is usually best to avoid distraction from the main subject. If you can choose a background that’s within your core colour palette, even better!
  • Have fun: Make sure you have fun whilst planning your feed, it shouldn’t feel like a chore but instead should be a creative output! Most of all, it’s important not to get so strict that it stops you from being creative and authentic.

To sum it up

With so many brands on Instagram, having a strong and consistent look can really set yourself apart from the competition. Using all of our steps laid out above you can create a stand-out Instagram feed of your own which is sure to have people talking!

For more social media advice, contact us to have a chat!