Lightbox celebrate their office move to St Paul’s Square

  Lightbox host clients and friends to celebrate their office move to St Paul’s Square

Just over a decade ago, Lightbox Digital made its debut on the digital scene. 12 years later, we welcomed you to the launch of our stunning new office space in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter on St Paul’s Square.

To celebrate the next chapter of Lightbox, we invited our clients, both old and new, to join us for an evening of food, drinks and games in our new space.

For us it was much more than a launch party, being able to celebrate our achievements with the people who facilitated our growth and helped us to accomplish this move was everything.


“This is us. Thank you for making this happen.”

The Lightbox culture was bought to life through every single person who attended the launch, and our team embraced the company values from start to finish. Whether you were conquered on the pool table in our game of killer, relived your childhood playing Mario Kart, or just had a tipple and a nibble among friends; the air of happiness around the office was undeniable.

The importance of having this space for our people is massive to us, the culture of Lightbox is expressed through our talented team of individuals, and we now have an office space that resonates with that.

Making it happen

It began with a simple empty space on St Paul’s Square, but with the help of Lee Gill, from Flow Office, our vision was bought to life. A unique collaborative space made for passionate digital specialists.

Fancy some fish spotting? The effect that natural life can have on the working environment is amazing. Akil at ViDERE Aquariums supplied our new office with a fish tank to give an inside space a taste of the outdoors.

As Head of Operations, Faye showed us the right way to host an event at our launch party! Not only did Faye host the event, but she also organised and planned the entire night with the support of the events team (let�s also not forget the clean-up operation afterwards!). She is a credit to our team and delivers quality without fail.

What’s next for Lightbox?

Busy as ever, the team is thriving in a new office space. With our brand new meeting room in high demand, there is so much more to come! We look forward to hosting more events and strategy sessions, affirming our place in the industry further, as professional thought leaders delivering high-quality services and ‘making digital human’.

The launch event may be over, but the atmosphere and culture our clients experienced on the night is something that our team work in every day. This incredible new space is not only for our clients, it’s also for our people.

What a fantastic way to kick off the next chapter of Lightbox Digital.