Lightbox joins with Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Lightbox joins forces with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce by becoming a member of the 1813 Club…

2 years ago, Lightbox made the move from Lichfield to Birmingham City Centre. We made that move because we were taking on more and more Birmingham-based clients and wanted to be in a location that allowed us to be more accessible. As a company operating within a tech industry, we also saw the potential of being in a location that was driving tech-forward; Birmingham is a driving force for change across a range of diverse cultures and industries and we’re proud to be a part of that.

Since moving to Birmingham, we’ve been able to massively widen our network and build on our connections but we don’t want to stop there. That’s why we’ve made the decision to join the Chambers of Commerce, 1813 Club for Greater Birmingham; a community of passionate businesses that all recognise the potential of Birmingham and want to be a part of its history.

What does this mean for Lightbox?

As a UK-wide respected organisation and a catalyst for growth, The Chamber of Commerce means we can work with local businesses and give back to an area that we’re proud of. We can’t wait to grow our network and develop long lasting relationships with well-established Chambers members and to ultimately grow as a respected business and digital agency in Birmingham City Centre.

We have a lot of stories to tell and through the many channels and with the support of the organisation, we can tell them. We are also looking forward to getting involved in the long list of diverse Chambers of Commerce events.

This is an exciting opportunity for Lightbox and we can’t wait to see how it will aid in our growth and offerings for both existing and new clients. We’re looking forward to the future and all of the exciting projects we’ll be working on and we’ll be keeping you updated every step of the way.