Lightbox Launch a Bespoke WordPress Dashboard

Lightbox Launch Our Bespoke WordPress Dashboard to Improve Client Communication and Support

Lightbox are delighted to launch our bespoke WordPress dashboard. Following months of planning, design and development we are in a position to release an improved dashboard interface for our clients.

Below we discuss our reasons for developing the dashboard for both us as a business and for our clients.

  • Improved client support
  • Improved client communication
  • Engaging interface
  • Brand consistency

Improved Client Support and Usability

As part of our commitment to developing a Content Management System (CMS) that delivers unrivalled client usability, we have given the WordPress dashboard a complete overhaul.

Traditionally, the standard WordPress dashboard offers very little in terms of user engagement and useful editing tools. It’s no secret that Lightbox as a development agency have poured years and years of development time into dramatically enhancing the usability of the standard WordPress interface when editing pages and content – this is just the next step of that development process.

We have created not only a visually beautiful interface but more importantly a useful tool for our clients to easily edit their website pages and submit support requests directly to Lightbox.

The support functionality is powerful. Clients can now simply type their support query and click submit. This immediately sends an email to Lightbox’s support team not only informing us of their query but also:

  • Who has sent the support request.
  • What browser app and version the user is using to edit their website.

This information gives the Lightbox team everything we need to be able to quickly resolve any issues or offer instruction/advice. The support window makes life easy for our clients and provides them a further channel to communicate with the Lightbox team – which is important to us. It saves the painful time of launching their email application and typing an email. An instant channel directly to our developers.

Improved Client Communication

Lightbox have big plans for 2016. Part of those plans is to utilise our bespoke WordPress dashboard to connect with our customers through useful, helpful blog posts and add value to our service and relationship. The dashboard will be a hub of activity – a two way communication channel, a living interface.

The dashboard also enables us to efficiently manage our client websites remotely, keeping them up to date with new releases, security updates and developments in web technologies.

Why Have We Done This?

Valued relationships – Lightbox value our relationships with clients. We want our clients to feel like they are connected, in touch with us as a business and our team. Part of our story.

Enhanced support – Our clients can now send us a support request directly from the dashboard. The dashboard not only instantly sends us the message but also informs us what browser the client is using along with other important information. This enables us to quickly diagnose any issues and respond promptly.

A hub of useful content – Think of the dashboard as a live, evolving news reel covering a diverse range of topics. Everything from local, Birmingham news/events to marketing and digital advice that is of value to clients and might just spark a new idea in their business.

We hate ‘the norm’ – It always astounds us as to the amount of poorly developed Content Management Systems that are in circulation throughout the business landscape. Yes it’s WordPress, Drupal or Joomla (the top 3 CMS systems), but that does not mean that they are user friendly for business owners, marketing managers or marketing teams.

Often they have been developed without the end user in mind making it extremely difficult to use thus, making a website redundant instantly. Lightbox have applied years of research and development to create a CMS that anybody can use effectively. It’s designed for our clients, not us as developers. This alone sets us apart from the majority in the digital solutions that we deliver and  barley scratches the surface of our service.