Lightbox more than double online revenue

Lightbox more than double the monthly revenue of Skirting Boards Direct!

As part of our ongoing SEO work with Skirting Boards Direct, we’ve delivered some impressive results for them on their marketing campaign and we wanted to share the news with you. The effective marketing strategy has already allowed Skirting Boards Direct to more than double their monthly revenue! An extremely impressive result for both the client and ourselves.

Originally, when Skirting Boards Direct came to us they were looking for a bespoke, transformative and contemporary website. Their new digital presence means that they can provide their customers with an immersive platform that not only allows them to navigate swiftly between pages but to also order products both quickly and efficiently.

Upon delivery of the website, Lightbox saw the marketing potential of Skirting Boards Direct. Through an effective SEO campaign, we allowed Skirting Boards Direct to rank at number 2, UK wide, for the term ‘skirting boards’- even beating B&Q! A very rewarding achievement for any business. Not only that but through our strategic marketing efforts, we’ve doubled their revenue from June to July and that’s only the start; by working alongside Lightbox on their marketing endeavours, Skirting Boards Direct can continue to increase revenue and successfully rank for relevant keywords. You can find out more about our full range of marketing services, and conversion rate optimisation and get your business on the ladder today.