Lightbox welcome two new developers to the team.

Due to a few key project wins during the first quarter of 2018, we are delighted to welcome two new developers Shaun Kelly and Greg Sofroni to the Lightbox team to bolster our collective talent and development resource.

As we complete a successful financial year 2107/18 it was clear that we needed to grow the development team to ensure that we are set up to deliver the new project wins in the first calendar quarter and have the talent in place for the new financial year.

2017/18 was a hugely successful year which included award wins, a rebrand whilst doubling the team and revenue of the agency. We look to build on that success and deliver our future roadmap of goals. Our people are key to us delivering our objectives and ensuring that we not only continue to build a successful business, but also an attractive internal culture. Shaun and Greg bring not only their technical expertise but also bring all of the cultural attributes to excel as a Lightbox team member.