Proud of our Team for Completing the Birmingham Half Marathon

On a day that an Ark would have been useful in Birmingham’s relentless pouring rain, some of the Lightbox team embarked on completing the Birmingham half marathon. This was the first time that many of them had done this so following months (well…about a month) of training there was plenty of apprehension in the air. The cold and rain was just an added concern. The team were part of an 80 strong LoveBrum team of runners who were all completing the half marathon to raise funds for LoveBrum and help the charity to continue to do the incredible work with local community projects.

What a fantastic day it was and despite the weather, everyone was in good spirits and the supporters came out to line the roads and walkways to encourage the runners. The Lightbox team managed to all complete the 13.1 miles in around the 2hr mark which is a fantastic achievement for a first effort.