The Importance of Inbound Marketing

Whether or not you were online before the coronavirus pandemic, the fact of the matter is, you most probably are now.

Improving Your Online Presence

Brand identity and values have never been more important, no more so than now with the huge majority of people and businesses being online. In what has been a disastrous period and situation that we all find ourselves in, it does, however, pose the question of how digital marketing can be fully leveraged efficiently.

Companies are looking to gain revenue from a host of new avenues and options. But what needs to remain important and front of mind is that the product or solution is still and always at the heart of the sales and marketing channel. Simply saying, there are still a number of steps a potential customer will need to go through before being at ready to buy stage.

What this means is, now more than ever, building relationships and credibility is absolutely crucial, and having a strong online brand and presence is only going to help validate the business. It’s key to listen to the needs of your audience and provide information to those problems, in a time where data and information is changing (literally every single day) and is not always the most accurate.

Targeting Audience Needs

Any digital marketing agency worth their salt would have at some stage created customer and target personas, in order to convey appropriate and engaging messages. Well, you guessed it, now’s the time to revisit those personas! But with the coronavirus adding a brand new lead generation challenge, you really need to think about the original persona needs and their requirements and update your messaging accordingly.

Utilising Inbound Marketing

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost. This stats speaks for itself: inbound marketing needs to be utilised like never before. By businesses building online relationships, more loyal customers can be made and in turn, more leads converted.

Nearly two-thirds of marketing businesses have said improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top marketing strategy and priority during the pandemic. Additionally, over half of marketers identified blog content creation as another primary focus.

Companies will not be able to instantaneously create an e-commerce website or present an e-learning solution and expect new leads, new customers, and new revenue straight away. Tailoring interesting, thought-provoking optimised content to nurtured target audiences is the pragmatic step in the right direction and one which will help you during a hugely difficult period.

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