Top Web Design Trends Of 2016 So Far!

We’re already 8 months into the year and we’ve seen a whole host of new web design trends come into play, with many more developments to occur before the years over. We’ve taken a look at all the predictions made for this year and depicted a few of our favourites.


Animations are a form of story telling, they can completely immerse the audience into your site.. if they’re done well. You don’t want to do too much, sometimes less is more.. and that is what has played a key part in the use of animations in web design in 2016; they have been subtle, not too descriptive but intriguing enough to draw us in.



Site Consistency

The example below is from The New York Times website; their loading page consists of their logo as the loading animation. This provides consistency through the brand and site, as if a single thread connects everything. It makes the site more streamlined and gives the audience more reason to want to explore further.




This year in web design there has been a rise in human like characteristics. If you’re unsure exactly what is meant by that then basically, websites have become personified with comical and casual phrases. The example below shows a sense of approachability. The audience get a sense of human interaction when visiting the site.



Colour Blocking

Now whether you’ve noticed it or not, this has been everywhere. Web designers this year have found a great way to differentiate between visuals and that’s by using the colour blocking technique. This works particularly well in a card layout -another key trend we’ve seen this year.



Minimalist Designs

This is a trend that will continue to stay on top as it relies on one key thing, and that is simplicity. Many sites we see today are stripped back to stop any distractions. It emphasises the purpose of the site, focusses in on the content. The minimalist trend particularly works well when there’s only one thing to focus on per page, which is exactly what Apple do and will most likely continue to do as it reflects their products perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 14.16.28


Long Scrolling

Sites that adopt the use of long, or even infinite scrolling are evolving the idea of modern web design. This is because it translates extremely well to mobile devices, especially touch control devices. One of the noticeable advantages of this trend is that it is a very easy way to navigate around a site and one thing that can be said about all trends so far this year is that simplicity is key!