Using Social Media Marketing to boost traffic to your SME website

How SME’s can use social media marketing to boost traffic

Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays a significant role in the way B2B or B2C companies interact with one another. With 97% of businesses playing an active role in the online community, and 90% agreeing that it increases exposure to their site. Many marketers believe that social media marketing is just as valuable, if not more, than televised advertisements and without the hefty cost.

With SMM it’s easier to reach your desired target market in a cost-efficient manner, whilst offering a flexible and personalised social media experience. Today, 93% of consumers will now take to the Internet and numerous social platforms to research into a brand’s personality and what they have to offer. The purpose of this article is to guide SME’s through the essentials tools in social media marketing, in order to boost traffic to the site and in turn create a profit.

Brand Personality:

Marketing products and services online has shifted, from being solely advertising products and sales, to focus more on creating brand awareness. With 69% of marketers saying they have developed loyal fans as a result of SMM, it’s a good time to start changing the company’s strategy to conveying a personality and allowing each team member to show off his or her character. From this it is easier to build a relationship and show clients what the business is about and what you’re like to work with.

Employee advocacy is a great starting point to develop brand awareness and promote your business, using social media. Businesses employees can be your biggest and best assets; with a number of ways they can help you achieve brand goals and KPIs. The influence to amount of followers and joined groups, that some employees have in comparison to what the company has could mean posts that are shared via employees could have further reach for the brands content; as it stands an employee’s post will gain 8x more engagement than the brand page. In turn this will lead to higher traffic to the business’s site.

Engagement through social media platforms has a huge influence on the way your brand is perceived. Making a potential or existing clients feel connected with the brand, through genuine dialogue on Facebook comments or Twitter mentions, could result in loyal, long-term customers. Using hash-tags and seeing what’s trending is a great way to seek out engagement opportunities that could result in new customers. In addition, pushing out responsive content such as, creative questions, pictures, videos, info-graphics and humour is also going to do wonders for engagement, as these will be things your market wants to answer and get involved in.



Without relevant and current content for different social media platforms, businesses will wonder why isn’t SMM getting results? But with so many different methods, getting content right can take some thought. By pushing content through social platforms, it will cost a business 62% less than traditional marketing and can produce 3x as many leads. With brand awareness selling more than traditional selling points, it’s no wonder marketers are using the 80/20 rule, 80% to share industry information such as blogs, news and images of company culture. Leaving 20% left for promotion and selling of products and services.

Visual content gets the most engagement from your audience on social platforms. Since live video and video marketing was introduced in 2016 the popularity amongst marketers has increased over 73%, and this will continue through 2017. It is proven that people are more likely to interact with video and visual images, so if your topic can be put across in a visual way you have a better chance of gaining traffic. Most forms of copy can be put into a visual format, whether it’s an image, info-graphic or video. This could include blogs being turned into audios; customer testimonials turned into 30-second videos and general tips being turned into quote like images.

Customer Service:

So many consumers are now prioritising social media as their first calling point when they’re in need of customer service. People will look at a company’s Facebook page or directly message the businesses Twitter handle, in fact 67% of consumers are now using social media for this purpose. Social media is a place to get a rapid response, to prevent a negative experience for the customer; businesses are given a 12 hour responding time. There are many reason consumers go through social media for advice and customer service, but what do consumers want and expect why they reach out on social media? And how will optimising customer service boost traffic?

In any case if a consumer is happy with the service they received from a businesses, they are more likely to come back and recommend the brand to others; whether that’s through social media or word of mouth. By giving a more personal response on social platforms, it allows people to feel like they are talking to real person and not just another faceless company. Much like content, if a clever, funny image or response is made, it will almost definitely result in engagement. Whether the engagement is organic or if a consumer has re-shared a post to their numerous followers or friends, this will boost traffic to your site and more than likely result in conversion. There have been some brilliant examples of this, such as

Over to you:

By taking notes on some of these points, even if you’re a small to medium company there is now no excuse in missing an opportunity, to compete with the big companies in social media marketing. Driving traffic to your website has never been easier, especially when it comes to providing a flawless experience consumers are looking for, and will help in reaching a broader range of clients who could become your most loyal customers.