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E-commerce Data Handling/Migration

Inputting thousands of products into a site can take days, weeks and sometimes months. We’re here to help and ensure you don’t spend any more time than is necessary.

We'll take care of migration for you by moving all of your products, customers and orders from your existing platform. New project? We'll supply you with everything you need to get your data in place as quickly and effectively as possibly.

Ensuring product data is as good as possible is unbelievably critical to a website launch, it influences so much of your product/category layouts and site structure that it simply can’t be rushed or skirted over. We have a huge amount of experience with data across an equally vast range of industries, homeware suppliers through to bespoke shower manufacturers.

It is important to consider the requirement for migrating customers to your new site automatically, this serves a double purpose as a marketing tool and also makes onboarding existing customers extremely easy. Our typical process for this would go as follows:

  • Import previous orders into the system
  • Import existing customers into system
  • Create an automated email campaign for existing users
  • Advise users to log in and change their password

Launching a new project? We can help create a data structure that is tailored to you so that you’re able to quickly integrate your products into the site and involve existing customers/subscribers.

Unified data handling and migration is essential.

  • Consistent experience for existing users
  • Product data has an implication on site structure and user journey
  • Important that product pages are rich with information and specifications, which also has an effect on the accuracy of filtering and searching.