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E-commerce Digital Insight

Our e-commerce digital insight workshop enables us to fully understand the processes and product lifecycle of your
e-commerce business.

It enables us to get to know you, your business objectives, your value proposition and explore your customer groups to formulate a robust e-commerce strategy that generates a growth in online sales.

Our E-commerce workshop enables us to map out the user journey throughout the purchasing process. It empowers us to identify what's important to your customers to ensure that we maximise the conversoon rate of your e-commerce website.

During the e-commerce digital insight workshop, we utilise our e-commerce experience to discover new opportunities to streamline your product lifecycle and internal order management. We unlock the elements of your business that make you truly unique and implement them into the purchasing experience of your customer. We identify how we can implement technology to streamline your internal workflow from product order through to delivery to your customer saving you time.

We explore your customer groups and ask questions to identify their demographic information, what their purchasing habits are and how they are acquired. This provides us with useful information that influences the design of the customer journey throughout your e-commerce store across all mobile and desktop devices.

It’s important to us and the success of the project that we get to know you and your business to develop a strategic e-commerce strategy that achieves your business goals and gives you the flexibility to scale. We gain useful information about your current position which enables us to confidently advise on product data and process.

Our approach to e-commerce website projects is a consultative approach. We have a proven track record in delivering very successful e-commerce projects and draw upon this experience to guide our clients through the process.

What we do

  • Our clients are invited to our offices to meet the team. We are set up with a private meeting room with refreshments and facilities to ensure that we get the most value out of the e-commerce digital insight workshop.

  • We start by listening to you talk about your business’ current position, customers and e-commerce processes. This gives us an important snapshot of where you are. We then transition to discussing your future goals and deeper analysis of your audience groups.

  • The next stage of the digital insight session is critical to the project. We ask thought-provoking questions around key areas of your e-commerce business to begin to formalise your value proposition and unique selling points to be implemented throughout your customers shopping experience.

  • We then visually map out the user journey from product browsing through to product purchase. This enables us to refine this to create the best chance of a sales conversion.
  • Once the key messaging and product journey has been established, we then formalise the website sitemap and advise on website integrations and automated processes to streamline your workflow.

E-commerce projects have many facets to them in order for them to be a success. In 10 years, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience to ensure that the e-commerce project that we deliver are a success. Our e-commerce digital insight workshop allows us to step back and take an ‘above the line’ view of your business and objectives prior to the project starting.