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E-commerce Integration

Imagine an e-commerce solution that completely automated the product lifecycle from order to delivery.

Automation and integrating e-commerce websites with third-party applications and systems is something that the team at Lightbox are enthused about introducing to our clients.

We have consistently streamlined entire e-commerce businesses by developing complex integrations with accounting, stock management and telecoms applications.

Automation removes time consuming tasks from your team and product lifecycle. We introduce new technologies to our clients to streamline their e-commerce management workflow and empower their teams to focus on productivity.

We approach your e-commerce project from a business perspective. Not only do we deliver a beautifully designed, conversion driven e-commerce website, we look to streamline the entire product lifecycle and order management to remove time-consuming tasks from your product and order management teams. We know that by cutting out manual tasks we can save your business significant revenue making it more efficient, scalable and proactive.

We have integrated e-commerce website projects with a variety of third-party applications that allow our clients to operate efficiently and concentrate on proactive revenue generating tasks. Our e-commerce website integration work includes:

  • Marketing automation
  • Accounting applications
  • Stock management applications
  • Review applications
  • Complex social integrations
  • Bespoke .NET applications

We have a proven track record in developing complex integrations that have saved our clients significant time and revenue as well as being able to allocate employee resource to other areas of the business such as customer service.

What we do

  • We introduce new technologies to your business management workflow to automate time-consuming processes saving you time and money.
  • We have integrated e-commerce website with enterprise stock management systems allowing you to efficiently manage product stock and present live product availability information on your e-commerce website.
  • Through integration development, we provide you with the tools to make informed business decisions based on actual data.
  • We implement new product and order strategies to enable you to build a scalable business, solving your business challenges through technology and applications.

We consistently streamline entire management workflow’s for e-commerce businesses. We take great responsibility in introducing integrations and technology to projects as we know the difference that efficiency can make to a businesses bottom line.