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Testing & Launch

The success of a project launch is critical to your digital growth and a good working relationship. We pride ourselves on our rigorous pre-live procedures and checklist which ensures no stone is left unturned when launch.

The final hurdle of any project, "going live", can be quite easily dismissed as a straight forward "standard" process. We know this is not the case, and that launch in fact can have a huge impact on your sites performance. Our strict testing procedures and your consistent involvement in a project ensure the smoothest possible transition.

We pride ourselves on our launch procedures, a lot of our success in this area does, however, stem from our attention to detail at a development level. We develop automated frontend testing specifically for your project, whilst it is being developed. This means that whenever changes are made to your site a set of automated tests run and establish what has changed, what should have changed, and what did not change. As this process is constant, we can ensure all potential bugs are accounted for and no regressions occur after patching.

Whilst automated testing has it’s place, it can not emulate a variety of users and opinions. This is where our team comes in, we get stuck in to manually testing the user experience (UX) of your website ensuring the call to actions are clear, the user journey is slick, and that everything works as a user would expect. This process includes utilising our own multi-device testing suite consisting of different operating systems, tablets, mobile devices and browsers which allow us to see your website on a huge range of devices ensuring maximum possible consistency. Cross-browser and multi-device testing are incredibly important to us.

Our pre-live procedures and checklist start once your project is complete to the highest standard. Additional comprehensive checks make the smoothest possible transition, this process covers everything from URL mapping (redirects) right through to structured markup.

On high traffic sites, we can implement strategies to make DNS propagation instant, a task which typically takes 24-72 hours. With preparation, we can decide a precise time for your site to go live and traffic will instantly move.

Our process.

  • Automated testing is developed throughout the project and consistently executed.
  • Our team ensures UX, cross-browser and multi-device testing takes place.
  • Pre-live procedure and checklist is undertaken, ensuring correct SEO procedures such as redirects and structure in place.
  • Domain name migration and launch plan is drafted.
  • Launch takes place.