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Why is great quality content important for your e-commerce business?

06.06.17 Ecommerce

By Rob Pollard
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More often than not, your website is the very first chance you’ll get to market to your audience and potential customers- this is the first time you’ll be showing what you’ve got on offer. For that reason alone, you want to make the most of this opportunity and ensure that the content you present to visitors is of the highest quality.

By providing effective content you’re straight away setting yourself up for success; great quality onsite copy can act as a representation of the quality of your business. Equally, if your web content is poor and riddled with spelling and grammatical errors then this is the impression your site visitors will be getting of you and your business. That’s why it pays to invest the time and resources in ensuring the quality of the copy on your site is top-notch because effective content has the power to boost e-commerce sales and therefore give you a return on your initial investment.

So once you’ve got the effective content on your site, that’s it right?! Unfortunately not. Like the design of your website, content needs to be refreshed otherwise it will become stale. It’s important that your content is regularly updated and always resonates with your target audience. Not only will this help with keeping your website and business current, it will also give you some brownie points when it comes to Google because Search Engines love fresh content. If you want to increase the number of people who find themselves on your site, then you need to make sure that you provide content that people want to see. Remember, it is a search engine’s job to find great quality content for their visitors, those visitors essentially becoming potential customers for you.

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How can you incorporate powerful content into your e-commerce site?

As an ecommerce business, your objectives are based on the following points:

  • You want to inform your visitors, not only about your brand but about what you have on offer. You want to share the unique features and benefits of your offerings.
  • You’ll also want to evoke emotion which therefore drives an action and persuades a visitor to actually buy into your business.
  • In order to generate loyal customers, you’ll also want to adopt long-lasting relationships with customers.

All of this can definitely be achieved and achieved well through the use of powerful onsite copy. Developing loyal relationships with your customers comes down to the following question, do they trust you? By offering a blog page that is rich with informative content, you will appear as experts within your industry and customers will be more inclined to conduct business with you… they will trust you. Evoking emotion can also be achieved through a blog page; depending on the industry you’re in, you may benefit from telling your brand story through blog posts- this way your customers can get an insight into your business… you can make them feel a part of your brand culture, therefore, evoking emotion and effectively driving their actions.


It’s clear that investing in great quality copy on your ecommerce site pays off. Only when you optimise every content area of your site, will you start to see the benefits. By providing informative, keyword inclusive and digestible content, you are sure to see an increase in traffic, engagement and even sales. As we discussed, writing good copy is one thing, you need to make sure it is fresh and regularly updated, ensuring you’re making the most of its potential.

If you like the idea of increasing the traffic to your e-commerce site as well as boosting sales then why not talk to us about an effective Content Marketing Strategy? Give the office a call on 0121 516 2500.


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