Here’s Why Your Social Media Sucks

Everyone wants followers on social media – lets face it, it sounds impressive to reel off a massive number and I bet you’d feel pretty damn cool doing it. But the thing is, the number is relatively pointless unless they actually engage with your content. You might as well have sold your soul and bought them.

Forming that loving connection between you and your followers is so important, especially with the recent changes in the world – meaningful conversations, shares and saves are valuable and show that your content is resonating with your audience.

Engagement is the driving force for breeding loyal customers, and this is why active engagement is often the greatest measure of social media success!

So what makes my social media suck?

1. It takes two to tango

Let’s say you’re out and about when someone gives you a compliment. I can’t imagine that lovely individual wanting to go out of their way to give you another one if all you did was stand there silently… awkward. Why should it be different on social media?

Be chatty and don’t forget to respond back to your followers. It’s a time consuming process but it’s a really easy way to naturally build engagement and start off a dialogue. Remember that showing your appreciation towards comments will encourage that long-term virtual friendship and customer loyalty.

The monster corporation Starbucks is a prime example, showing that in this case, size doesn’t matter.

2. Be Brave!

Start by telling us what you’d rather see – a boring picture that blends into the far far distance along with all the other boring pictures, or a memorable, creative, unique, inspiring video that shows everything you stand for coming to life?
It’s well known that videos have been dominating social media for a long time with organic video posts on Facebook receiving more shares than text and image posts combined!

If you’re one for statistics – viewers retain 95% of the message they watch in a video, compared to only 10% when reading text. So if you want to communicate something across to your audience a video marketing strategy is a clear way to go!

What’s the secret to a compelling video?

First things first, you don’t need to splash the cash to make an impact. The equation is quite simple really – people love people. So get in front of the camera!

Nowadays the average smartphone has HD recording so it’s easier than ever to create your movie masterpiece from the comfort of your own home. Don’t worry that it has to be long either, short bite-sized video clips are perfect for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as they are quick and easy to digest and also popular for sharing.

Check out our favourite selection of video editing apps here:



With this popular app allowing you to not only to trim your videos but also add music, effects, voice-overs, emoji and text it’s an easy favourite!



– iMovie is the free video editing app that comes with iPhones. Just choose your clips, then add titles, music and effects, simple.

Luma Fusion:

When it comes to editing a video on a smart phone, Luma Fusion is at the top of the list. Used even by professional video editors this app allows you to edit in landscape and portrait and comes with does of royal free music and sound effects!

3. Be authentic!

If you want to encourage comments and engagement on social media, think about how you’d act in real life! Ask your audience questions, talk to them like humans!

Social Media algorithms prioritise meaningful conversations over transactions so the more comments and likes you get on a post, the more likely it will be rewarded by the algorithm and pushed out to new people. A Q&A session on your page can be brilliant for boosting engagement in this way, as well as allowing you to show off the personal side of your brand and discover exactly what your audience are interested in.

Jump onto an Instagram or Facebook Live and spark some excitement and fun! Just make sure you let your audience know about the live stream in advance and don’t be afraid to ask spontaneous questions on the spot and start a conversation flow!

In the example above Gym Shark made use of Instagram’s Live feature to answer questions regarding diet and mood for World Mental Health Day. The live video has been watched over 42,000 times and will have sparked lots of real-time engagement.


4. Be in the know!

What’s new? What’s trending? Keep an eye on these things! You can use that knowledge to your advantage when it comes to planning content! Utilising social media listening tools is one excellent way of doing this as it allows you to track industry keywords and certain hashtags. Or just take a look at your own social media timeline and see which subjects are inspiring conversations amongst the people you follow.

Creating ‘trending’ content can also improve the likelihood that your post will appear high up on your audience’s feed and ultimately capture the attention of target customers. Once you have your great piece of content, promote it on social media with the relevant hashtags and watch the conversation begin!

One really standout example of brands jumping onto a viral trend is with the phenomenon of ‘the dress’ in 2015. The photo taken of one individual’s seemingly normal dress quickly became an internet sensation with millions of people debating over its colour. Here are a few of our favourite reactions from the brands we all know and love:

5. Be a giver

A tried and tested way of quickly spiking your engagement on social media is to host a fun giveaway for your followers. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you ask for comment based entries (eg. Tag a friend for a chance to win!) then not only will it expand your brands reach but it will result in huge audience engagement. Instagram contests alone get 3.5 times as many likes and 64 times more comments on average than regular posts, which makes you realise just how much impact they can have!

Well designed giveaways also generate lots of buzz and excitement amongst followers which can create extra engagement and stimulate conversations. The Love Island Contestant and Instagram Queen- Molly Mae, recently hit headlines herself as a result of the enormous Instagram giveaway she hosted this year.

The luxury giveaway allowed her followers in with the chance to win £8,000 of Louis Vouitton goodies but as a result generated herself over 1million likes on the post, an extra million followers on her social accounts and nearly 3 million comments! The clear success of this giveaway alone certainly shows that a giveaway post is a strong social media strategy for increasing engagement rates FAST.


Final Note

The above are just a number of the ways to drive social media engagement and it should be kept in mind that working to increase social media engagement is an ongoing task requiring dedication and consistency. However, we believe that implementing these few things into your social media strategy will help maximise your engagement levels by significant amounts and help your brand to make an impact online!