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How Important Is Social Media in Driving Business?

11.03.14 Social Media

By Daniel Hobson
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To many businesses ‘social media’ is something the ‘kids play on’ and employees ‘waste their time on’.

I’ve been asked by a number of clients – big and small – whether social media should be used in business. My first answer is always ‘YES’ but use it with purpose and design your communications around it.

Big businesses (yes there are still some) have neglected the power of social media channels and wonder why their digital presence isn’t as strong as some of their smaller competitors. ‘Social signals’ are very importing in driving SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is why it’s important to get your business, your services and your website ‘trending’.

Using social media channels shouldn’t be scary and it certainly shouldn’t be used with contempt.  In just under a month, we have highlighted to a new client the importance of driving web traffic through social media presence with a 60% traffic increase with Facebook the big contributor to the rise (second referral site).

My Top Three Tips for Using Social Media

  • Write short, sharp and purposeful messages…shorter the better!
  • Share images of your employees, your brand, your services to personalise your site
  • Don’t just write about your services, share interesting articles in your sector, invite comments on topical news





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