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Lightbox. Making Digital Human.

22.03.18 Lightbox

By Rob Pollard
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After a successful year of rapid growth, investment in our people and exceptional new hires, we are excited to announce that Lightbox has rebranded.

We had outgrown our ‘we do websites’ perception and we needed a new, clear proposition to clarify and cement our position as a leading digital agency in the West Midlands.

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Our new proposition is simple … Making Digital Human. 

We are digital specialists for ambitious businesses. We create and market bespoke products that drive growth and our mission is to make life easy for our clients, their teams and their customers.

But what does Making Digital Human Mean?

Making Digital Human means speaking your language, never using jargon and designing solutions for the people that matter most – your staff and your customers.

We spend the time to get to know what our clients need, collaborate on the whole journey and creating easy to use products and experiences that make life better. From research and strategy to design to launch, human-centered technology drives us.

Logo Purple

Our new Visual Identity.

Every human has their own unique fingerprint, our brand icon is our digital fingerprint, It’s our unique stamp on the world to be recognised as a mark of excellence as our brand profile and reputation grows.

Constructed of simple geometry, It’s beautiful simplicity represents our jargon-free, familiar and professional communication style.

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