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Lightbox Create an Intuitive Mobile Website Experience for Vehicle Leasing Client

11.12.15 Project Insights

By Rob Pollard
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We are delighted that the new Prospectus Vehicle Solutions website is now live. Prospectus Vehicle Solutions have been a client for 3.5 years. Back then we completely overhauled their online presence to enable them to easily update their website with their latest vehicle stock and special offers. Over the last 3 years web technologies and user behaviours have evolved at a fascinating rate. It was important that the Prospectus website evolved in line with these activities.

The uprise of mobile browsing and our proactive approach to support and growth led Lightbox to suggest to Prospectus that we evolved their existing website to be optimised for mobile devices – to make the website responsive. Following analysis of their Google Analytics data it was clear that the percentage of mobile visitors to their website was steadily growing.

We mapped out the existing user experience and how it would translate to a ‘mobile first’ experience. It quickly became apparent that it was not going to be a case of simply re-factoring code to offer a better mobile experience. There was a need to completely overhaul the fundamentals of the website such as the search vehicles and multi price presentation. This in turn led to us going the extra mile for the client with a complete design overhaul that started with a mobile first approach. The new website now offers an intuitive search vehicle experience across all browsing devices. The website now has dynamic pricing that adjusts ‘on the fly’ to visitors dragging slider bar parameters.

Not only have delivered memorable visitor experience, but we have also provided a CMS System that enables Prospectus Vehicle Solutions to easily manage the 20,000 vehicles that are present on the website.

View the project case study for further information

View the Prospectus Vehicle Solutions website


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