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Lightbox undergo a major transformation, and it doesn’t stop there…

07.03.17 Lightbox

By Rob Pollard

5 Minutes

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We’ve undergone a major transformation and we wanted to write a blog post explaining exactly what’s going on here at Lightbox. You may have noticed that we’ve got a brand new website which we have worked hard on over the past few months. We’ve enhanced our online presence because we have grown… not only as a team but as a business.

The past 12 months has seen the Lightbox team double in size, have a mini makeover in our Birmingham office, expand to a London office and transform into a full Digital Agency. This now means that we can now completely re-imagine your digital offering and put your brand, products and services in front of your customer through the delivery of a robust digital marketing strategy.

Our Services

During our 10 years in business, we’ve worked on projects that have transformed and enhanced the digital presence of many small to medium businesses. Our drive and dedication for elevating the online presence of clients is what has encouraged our next step within the industry; we have grown to offer an array of services making us a full Digital Agency, with experience in all areas of e-commerce and web development as well as being passionate about running bespoke campaigns across a range of marketing mediums including Remarketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and many more; see below for all of the new services we now offer under Marketing…

Organic Search (SEO) | Paid Search (PPC) | Local Search | Remarketing | Content Marketing | Email Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) | Social Media Marketing 

For more, see our Marketing page here.

Expanding to London

Our transformation has made us aware of the growing demand for accessibility and that’s why we’ve expanded our presence to a London office which means we can reach even more potential clients, aiding in the growth of their businesses. With two physical touch points, we are repositioning ourselves in order to reach even more people who want to elevate their digital presence.

The Lightbox Team

We’ve always been proud of the team we have here at Lightbox, we’re a passionate, diverse group of individuals who really strive to get the best for not only ourselves but for every single one of our clients. That’s no different now that we’ve doubled in size, we are still a friendly and welcoming group of talented individuals who are always eager to work with clients on exciting new projects. We thought we’d introduce ourselves so you can get to know us all as individuals; the Lightbox family is made up of a group of intriguing and unique personalities and we want to show that off wherever possible.

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Rob Pollard - Director

“Business is one of the most joyous journeys I have ever experienced. Some of the people and clients I have met and continue to work with are inspiring commercially and personally.” Read Rob’s full profile here.

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Warren Bickley - Technical Director

“I started working with Rob at Lightbox in 2012, initially developing WordPress websites for small businesses. Our humble beginnings soon grew into a massive variety of offerings, surrounded by a great team of which I am proud to be a part of. I love and am very passionate about the work that we do.” Read Warren’s full profile here.

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Dan Hobson - Developer

“Technology has been a part of my life since I can remember; from a very young age, I always had some sort of device at hand whether it be a retro Gameboy Colour or a Playstation; which only grew my love for technology.” Read Dan’s full profile here.

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James Bateman - Developer

“From a very young age, I have always been a logical and fairly rational type of thinker. I’ve always loved and done well in mathematical subjects such as Physics or Computing. Growing up in a very technical and technology loving household, with an ICT Technician for a mother and an aspiring Computer Engineer for a brother would have definitely had something to do with my passion for technology.” Read James’ full profile here

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Tom Lewis - Developer

“From the moment I left university, I immediately began working in the world of web development, immersing myself in the latest coding practises, languages and techniques. This eventually lead me to Lightbox Creative Studios. Working at Lightbox has allowed me to further my technical knowledge vastly, working on a variety of platforms – with a wide range of programming languages – but always with the same goal, to solve digital problems in the most efficient and stylish manner possible.” Read Tom’s full profile here.

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Adam Dunning - Digital Marketing Manager

“Inspired by and heavily invested in technology I found that growing up my passion was always drawn towards hobbies that challenged my creativity and adaptability. Working in marketing has been so rewarding for me, not only am I in a field that constantly challenges my creativity and ability to adapt and deal with the unknown but along the way it has taught me the ins and outs of business and how people behave by studying consumer behaviour traits.” Read Adam’s full profile here.

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Dion Fanthom - Social Media Executive

“I’ve always been fascinated by the developing world around me; growing up I’ve found inspiration in creativity, changing trends and technology which has influenced my decision to work within marketing; I’m beyond grateful that I get to be apart of an industry that is continuously changing.” Read Dion’s full profile here.

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Natalie Mayo - Marketing Executive

“Ever since I can remember my career ambitions revolved around the creative industry, and experimenting with different types of media’s, digital or traditional. Becoming a part of a marketing team has only grown my love and respect for the industry.” Read Natalie’s’ full profile here.

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Gurpal Bhogal - Designer/UX

“I have a passion for art and design. This passion grew and stayed with me through school, college & finally at university where I studied graphic design, and now, into my role at Lightbox as a designer.” Read Gurpal’s full profile here.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come here at Lightbox, from growing the team, expanding to London and the additional services we can now offer. We’re excited for the future and all the amazing projects we can deliver to new and existing clients. Here’s to many more years of developing strong client relationships and creating some truly unique digital products and campaigns. Stay tuned.

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