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Content Marketing

Content is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to your website; engaging copy has the power to convert visitors into customers. That is why we take pride in our team of copywriters, who are experts in writing creative and compelling content in order to capture the attention of your audience.

Finding the right words to accurately represent your business is crucial and any decisions made regarding copy should be made with careful consideration.

The copy on your site is one of the first things your visitor will see, making it an important factor in the presentation of your business. We produce engaging content that is creative, readable and delivered in a writing style that compliments your brand objectives.

Thorough research into your business and industry means we’re confident in writing purposeful content to suit any brief you set, whether you’re looking for a one-off press release, regular blog posts or an entire rewrite of your website. We ensure that the copy we craft for you is optimised for search engine algorithms as well as taking an attentive approach in carefully considering vital keywords that have the power to improve your performance rankings. With powerful copy, your audience will be hooked from the start.

Our Approach:

  • When it comes to curating your content, the first stage would be to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your business goals and objectives. Here we gain an understanding of what you want your copy to achieve, what’s the purpose of it and where the content is going whether it be on your website, in regular blog posts or to journalists for a one-off press release.
  • Next we’ll go away and conduct an extensive level of research into your business, industry, keywords and the activity of your competitors. This will allow us to generate a unique brand voice that correlates with the objectives of your business.
  • This research allows us to start the process of curating your powerful copy in line with the brief you gave us in the initial discussion.
  • After the writing process takes place, we confirm the content with yourselves and ensure it’s relevant, of high standards and meets the guidelines of your brief. The finalised copy is then either sent to you or pushed live ourselves depending on the project.

Content is ranked as the number one factor when it comes to achieving marketing success which is why it is vital that everything you publish whether it be website, blog, social or press release content, is of the highest quality.