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Digital Marketing Strategy.

Our digital strategies are comprehensive handbooks that are strategically put together to enhance business growth and achieve unthinkable results.

Here at Lightbox we thrive on delivering measurable results which is why creating digital strategies is an integral part of our process.

We dig deep into your business to understand what makes it tick, we want to know the personalities behind the brand, the history of the company, what the company stands for and the company’s vision. All this information helps us really understand how to strategically position your brand in the marketplace.

Our research goes a lot further than this though, looking into industry trends, competitor activity, customer personas, traits and behaviour helps us forge a compelling digital strategy that is driven by goals that achieve results.

Putting together a digital strategy is only the first step to achieving digital success, the strategy then needs to be put into action. Here at Lightbox we have all the experience, tools and desire to help make sure your strategy not only gets produced but also gets delivered.

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Our Approach.

  • The first stage of a putting together a digital strategy requires scheduling a meeting to discuss your business in more detail, your vision, your business goals and objectives, what you want from your marketing, your current performance and any historical or current marketing activity.
  • The team then get together to research in depth your industry, keywords, opportunities, competitors, target audience and much more to give us a detailed picture of what needs to be done in order to achieve our targets.
  • We then use this information to strategically put together a detailed 12-month digital strategy that will drive your business forward and not only help reach but smash the objectives you have set.
  • Once the strategy has been put together and everyone is happy the ongoing work starts and we follow out the 12 month plan to the highest standard, whilst constantly reviewing performance and assessing additional opportunities that may arise.
  • To make sure we stay ahead of the game we organise monthly meetings and regular email and phone calls to keep both parties up to date and involved to help enhance each campaign’s performance, ensuring your growth is put first.

A digital strategy for any business is integral and without implementing one your business can derail and lose focus. With the importance of digital presence growing year on year along with the industry competition, putting a digital strategy in place is imperative if you want your business to thrive.