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Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be used to build customer loyalty, tease a new product launch, share exclusive offers as well as much more. Our comprehensive understanding of this versatile marketing method allows us to make the most of its potential through an attentive approach to the process and its management.

The key to producing an effective email marketing campaign lies in the approach and process; it’s crucial that campaigns are tested and monitored in order to accurately optimise future campaigns.

We offer a comprehensive approach to email marketing which covers every step of the journey, from the creation of data, managing mailing lists, template designs, unique and engaging copy as well as monitoring the campaign and its results. E-marketing can be used to build consumer loyalty, tease new product launches, sharing special offers as well as much more. Our team of experts include designers, copywriters and data analysts that work together in the journey of your email campaign. With our attentive analysis and management of user experience and performance, your email marketing efforts will prove effective and beneficial to your business.

Start a Project

Our Approach.

  • The first stage in curating an effective email marketing campaign is to work together on a plan of action; we’ll discuss what you want to achieve from the campaign and whether you have an existing client database that we can work with.
  • The next stage is- if relevant, obtaining your client database and any log in credentials for your chosen email marketing platform. We’ll analyse the data you’ve given us and work out a strategy that is best suited to what you want to achieve through e-marketing.
  • Our talented team of designers and copywriters will work together in producing an engaging, relevant and unique campaign; you’ll be updated along the way for any potential content/design changes.
  • After multiple check ins with yourself, the design will be finalised and scheduled, ready to be sent out to your audience.
  • After the campaign has gone live, our team of data analysts will track performance and give a review on how we can improve the campaign in the future.