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Press Releases

With the right words, you can grab the attention of anyone. We can craft those words for your business and convert readers into loyal customers.

Press releases act as a powerful tool in raising awareness for anything from news to a new product or service launch.

No matter what the industry our team of talented copywriters have the knowledge and experience in getting your information out there thanks to years of building professional relationships with a variety of established publications and respected journalists.

In many cases, written content acts as a vital marketing and sales tool for your business and that’s why we pride ourselves on our talented team of copywriters. With their knowledge and experience, you can have a clear, concise, creative and extremely effective piece of writing delivered to the professionals that matter in your industry. You need words that connect and convince the audience and that is exactly what we offer… we’re more than copywriters, we’re story tellers and whether your business is small, medium or large, we’ll do the talking for you.

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Our Approach:

  • The first stage in creating your effective press release is arranging a meeting with yourself so we can discuss the key purpose; whether it’s to raise awareness on a product or service, we’ll ask any necessary questions and gain a clear understanding of the brief.
  • We’ll the go away and conduct research into the professionals and publications we can reach with what you have on offer. We’ll obtain the necessary contact details and compile a list of everyone we’ll be sending your press release to. Whilst this research is happening, our in house copywriters will be working on the content of your press release and optimising it for maximum engagement.
  • We will then put together a media pack that includes the written press release and any forms of media you want to share such as videos and photography. After this is packaged up, you will have the opportunity to check over everything and ensure it is as you want it to be.
  • The media pack will then be sent out to the proposed individuals.

The more newsworthy you make press release copy, the better the chances of it being selected by a journalist for reporting. Here at Lightbox we understand what journalists want and how to deliver it to them in the right tone and the perfect format.