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Social Media Marketing.

Your customer’s voice is one of your most valuable assets. Social Media Marketing can help manage your customer’s perception and can be a huge driving force in business and brand growth.

We use the power of social media to provide you with a unique social strategy which will get people talking about and engaging with your business.



Having a clear and creative social strategy is crucial in developing an online presence that connects with your brands objectives.

That’s why here at Lightbox we don’t just tweet for you, but we get to the heart of what your business can achieve through social media. By conducting thorough research into your industry and target audience, we develop an understanding of where your customers are within the online world.

Remaining consistent with your unique brand voice, we produce a detailed social schedule in order to maximise your best assets on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and through blog content.

Our talented in-house team means you have access to designers dedicated to making great social graphics for your business, as well as highly skilled copywriters who are passionate about creating engaging content for your chosen platforms.

Start a Project

Our Approach.

  • The first stage of developing your social media presence would be arranging a meeting where we can discuss your business goals and objectives in detail and unlock what it is you want to and can achieve via your digital platforms.
  • It will then be up to us to go away, conduct detailed research and gain an in-depth understanding of your industry and the online activities of your target audience.
  • At this point we will have a comprehensive insight into your business and furthermore, your industry; from there we compile a list of research sources, monitor competitor activity, recognise key events and track keywords, all of which will contribute to the type of content that is published through your channels.
  • After conducting research, the creative team at Lightbox will work together in generating ideas for the social activity of your business. The carefully curated social content is unique to you and the goals set at the beginning of the process; our vision at this stage is guided by our own creativity and the objectives of your business.
  • The next step in unlocking your social media potential involves creating a 12-month strategy plan where we can outline key campaign dates. Alongside this, your business will benefit from a tailor-made content calendar where all content scheduling will be conducted. Every detail of your social activity is planned for in both the strategy plan and content calendar.
  • The performance of your social platforms will be reviewed regularly as we will be constantly looking at how your social presence can continue to grow and how you can reach even more potential customers in the future.