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Bira (British Independent Retailers Association) have been supporting independent retailers across the UK for the past 118 years. BIRA work with over 6,500 independent businesses of all sizes with a goal to make every member feel supported, informed and inspired. They have built a support team committed to the continuing success of every business they work with.

The Brief.

When BIRA approached us, their digital asset was not fit for purpose. It wasn’t the platform that gave BIRA stakeholders the confidence of supporting 6,500+ members. They needed digital specialists to help them.

What We Did.

Initially, we listened to the challenges that they were having as an organisation. We then conducted a complete audit of the code base which was then reported back to BIRA with a strategy to first tackle the largest problems with the website and then develop new features and sections of the website that would elevate the user experience and provide BIRA with new revenue opportunities and benefits for members.



BIRA now have a robust digital asset that is developed upon solid foundations to scale. Their e-commerce function now provides users a logical UX and payment process. We have developed a bespoke advertising platform that provides BIRA to commercialise key sections of the site through paid advertising for members. Cleansing and improving the standards of the code base has increased website performance (speed) by 165%.

Bira CMS Website iPad
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Lightbox have been the digital agency that we needed, and through the work they have done given us confidence in our digital platform. We now trust them to implement future ideas that will truly add value to our members and allow us to drive the organisation forward. Speech Mark Icon

Sarah Arnesen, Head of Marketing, BIRA

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