saved over a 12 month period.


websites and e-commerce websites delivered to Elta Groups global network.

What we did:

Digital Strategy

Responsive Website Design

CMS Development



Elta Fans have been a manufacturer of high quality products for the Building Services, Applied Technology, Residential and OEM markets for over 40 years.

The Brief.


We had already successfully delivered the ‘Elta Group’ website (see project) when the Elta Group marketing team communicated some of the global brand management challenges they were facing 12 months on.

What we are Doing.


We listened to their challenges and it became clear that their UK team needed to have control over all digital assets that were currently built on varying platforms worldwide.

We presented a digital solution that would see us redevelop their entire digital ecosystem (20 +websites and e-commerce websites) saving the organisation £86,200.00 over 12 months. The ecosystem would provide Elta Group with a bespoke website builder, allowing us to quickly develop new sites and centralise all digital assets in one multisite management platform.



The result of our work will allow head-office to provide the global network of offices and sub-brands with a digital asset that adheres to Elta Group’s brand quality and user experience. Varying levels of management positions will enable the UK to issue limited editing access to global website managers to ensure quality of information is maintained across the group.

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We never imagined that such a versatile digital ecosystem could be developed. The new system will make life so much easier for our UK marketing team to ensure that our brand quality and promise is consistently delivered worldwide. Speech Mark Icon

Lucy Evans, Marketing Services Manager, Elta Group