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Glide are an innovative brand that provides bill sharing services and utilities to make it simpler for shared households to split the bills. They provide simple monthly bills for gas, electricity, water, telephone, broadband and even your TV licence. This service particularly flourishes in the student market where house sharing is norm. Glide’s service solves the problem of sole responsibility when paying household bills.

The brief.

Orb (Glide’s brand agency) approached us with a challenge to develop a competition app that would be the focal point of a social media campaign to reach out and engage with their audience of 10,000+ students across the UK. The objectives for the campaign were:

  • Increase website traffic to a custom landing page
  • Increase in social media followers/engagement
  • Raise brand awareness amongst target audience

What we did.

We developed a fluid question/answer competition web based app. The competition led students through a series of visually interesting questions to derive a result as to what ‘student personality’ they were e.g. Clean freak, party animal, essay ninja etc. The main prize was to win a year of free household bills along with other smaller prizes.

Before they could enter, they had to provide their name and email address which allowed Glide to develop their database. The app only allowed 1 entry per person per day and utilised a probability formula to calculate winners. The campaign was driven through social media and supported with a radio ad campaign.


The app and campaign was a resounding success and completely exceeded the campaign objectives. Student engagement was through the roof and brand not only creating measured results but also vastly increasing Glide’s brand visibility.

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The 'Student Personas' campaign was a huge success and experienced an extremely high level of engagement with thousands of competition entries everyday. This enabled Glide to significantly grow their database and brand visibility. Speech Mark Icon

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