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Award winning signage company, HNS Signs turn to Lightbox to create a memorable digital experience.

Lightbox have been working with HNS Signs for 5 years.
We designed and developed the previous HNS Signs website as part of a rebrand 5 years ago.

The business has developed significantly in that period of time and so HNS Signs felt it was time to target their digital presence to the profile of their current and targeted client base.

They looked no further than Lightbox…


A mobile optimised experience to enhance their
SEO, PPC and conversion strategy

Mobile Friendly Website by Lightbox_HNS Signs

HNS Signs – A brand partner as well as a signage company

HNS Signs wanted their new website to be optimised for mobile devices to support their current SEO and PPC campaign. It was important that their on page SEO setup enhanced their offsite SEO efforts. They also wanted the website to be a visually rich experience targeted at their future prospect list of bluechip companies and successful bar/restaurant franchises.

The website was to creatively inspire potential clients to make contact with HNS Signs and effectively communicate that HNS Signs not only deliver quality signage but also understand how important branding is to businesses.

Personality, culture and People are at the heart of everything HNS Signs do. As a business, this needed to be projected to audiences online to differentiate HNS Signs from their competitors. The website had to build their brand story showcasing the production facilities, working processes, team values and quality of work.

Website Design for Signage Companies

Lightbox deliver a bespoke design powered by a user friendly CMS.

The new website utilises video media and large imagery to deliver an effective visual communication strategy. Visitors are met with an energetic video that launches them into the HNS brand.

‘The challenge with video media is to serve quality media to visitors quickly without it drastically slowing down page load times. As search engine optimisation is so important to HNS Signs, quick page load time and overall speed is imperative to their campaign. We spent a lot of time seeing how lean we could keep our code structure whilst delivering the required functionality.’

The design places HNS Signs work as the ‘star of the show’. Accessible case studies communicate projects that HNS Signs have completed to help potential customers not only see the quality of their design, manufacture and installation but also envisage how their project will be delivered.

‘Engaging cases studies are an effective way for most service based businesses to communicate how they work with clients. We designed and developed flexible blocks so that HNS Signs can build their own case studies using the Content Management System (CMS). They are are able to choose from a library of assets to create varying case study layouts. The block system includes video, image and varying image/text combination blocks offering HNS Signs complete flexibility when showcasing their work.’


Usability and Customer Engagement

Lightbox designed a simple, clear navigation layout that enables visitors to quickly get to their point of interest. Call to action elements consistently encourage visitors to make an online enquiry through the ‘quick quote’ process.

‘It was important that the website not only looked great but also converted visitors into customers. The visual elements enable HNS Signs to utilise the website as a strong sales tool but we also made sure that visitors were guided to make an enquiry following being visually stimulated. We wanted to capitalise on their excitement and inspiration following viewing the videos and case studies.’

JBP_0207_HNS Signs

HNS Signs – A brand partner as well as a signage company

Often overlooked in the website development market, Lightbox treat the launch of a new website as one of the most important processes of the project.

We take great responsibility during this final phase as it can lead to detrimental search engine results if not handled thoroughly. This was particularly the case for HNS Signs as their previous website had achieved an authoritative footprint in the search engines, ranking well for multiple search keywords.

The previous website had many pages that needed redirecting to relevant pages on the new website to ensure that this authority was maintained.

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