Pom's Kitchen & Deli CMS Website

A contemporary restaurant/deli with traditional values

Lightbox created a brand that brings something new to the historic city of Lichfield and keeps customers coming back.


How do you create an online deli experience that projects the atmosphere of the venue itself and tells the Pom's story?

Lightbox achieved this very feat. Following the creation of the branding and offline marketing material, Lightbox stepped up to the challenge of creating an online experience that made visitors feel like they were
already at Pom’s Kitchen & Deli.

The website tells the Pom’s story, showcases the beautiful interior, allows visitors to easily book a table and view menus on all browsing devices.

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A brand built on solid values

It was a privilege to work on a brand that had so many well rooted values and clear vision of who they are and what they stand for.

The challenge was to deliver an identity that encompassed the strong values of business whilst also appealing to their intended customers. The branding is present throughout the building and sets the tone of the customer experience.

Pom's Kitchen & Deli Branding

A brand & customer Experience to remember

As part of the brand rollout, Lightbox created a suite of online & offline marketing material. The rollout included:

– Marketing Posters
– Campaign Material
– Menus, Comment Cards, Loyalty Cards
– Interior/Exterior Signage
– CMS Website
– Branded Social Media Channels
– Emarketing

Pom's Kitchen & Deli Responsive CMS Website

Lightbox developed a responsive CMS website that tells the Pom’s story

The Pom’s website not only is a pleasure to use for visitors but also enables them to make table reservations online that directly communicates with Pom’s internal systems.

Pom’s Kitchen & Deli can update their website through the user friendly Content Management System. Pom’s website is brand led and a representation of their story and business values.


Incredible Results in the first 6 months of business.

It goes to show how important having a clear set of brand values and a consistent brand message is. Following the launch of Pom’s Kitchen & Deli the business has experienced an impressive first month with customers already becoming raving fans.


Visit the website:


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