44 Manufacturers, 20,000 Vehicles

Lightbox create an intuitive mobile experience for Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Customers

How do you create a user friendly mobile experience for a vehicle leasing website that presents 20,000 vehicles.

Lightbox were set the challenge of creating a user friendly, mobile and desktop experience for customers choosing a business or personal lease vehicle. The Prospectus Vehicle Solutions website presents 20,000 vehicles across 44 manufactures.

The Lightbox team identified that before any design or development work could start. We had to meticulously map out the vehicle search interface to ensure that customers engaged in a positive experience from arrival to submission of their chosen vehicle. This was the core function of the website – to make searching through thousands of vehicles an easy process.

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Lightbox invested significant time into creating a unique customer experience.

We developed a bespoke search system that utilised interactive sliders to set ‘monthly budget’, ‘initial payment’ and ‘annual mileage’ criteria.
As customers use the sliders the price options change dynamically with live data being presented. This creates an immediate, responsive customer experience.

We felt that developing such an interactive search system that was easy and quick to use on any browsing device, would drive more vehicle enquiries through the website. Since the website was launched this has proven to be true.

Instant enquiries and vehicle comparison

Once customers have chosen their vehicle and lease contract options, they can then easily submit this enquiry to Prospectus Vehicle Solutions directly from the vehicle page. This vehicle/contract data is then sent to Prospectus along with the details of the customer for them to call and finalise the lease agreement.

The customer is sent an automated email to thank them for their enquiry, confirm that the data has been sent and information about the next steps. This process builds customer confidence and develops the relationship

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Lightbox developed a bespoke vehicle importer that significantly reduced website/data administration time

Managing and uploading 20,000 vehicles each with 25 columns of data to the website could be a time consuming process. We recognised this from the outset and developed a bespoke data importer that imports the vehicle data from a spreadsheet to correctly populate the website with vehicles into the correct categories and manufacturers.

The importer means that updating the website every month with the latest vehicle lease deals is extremely efficient and easy to do. We have also reduced the internal administration of receiving the ‘rate books’ (pricing) from the vehicle manufacturers and harnessing that data to populate the website.

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