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As a successful vehicle leasing company, Prospectus approached us with the desire to improve their online presence through a new user-friendly and responsive website. With a catalogue of 20,000 vehicles across 44 manufacturers, Prospectus are experts in their field and have a record of providing an excellent service time and time again.

The brief.

It was clear from the start of the project that Prospectus wanted to alter the way their data was presented to customers; their previous site didn’t accommodate for the varying searches that customers wanted to make so an advanced search element was vital in the new build.

The client wanted to provide a great user experience on a robust platform that would last them 3-5 years. The website had to be mobile friendly and elevate the brand in order to accommodate changing digital demands and expectations.

What we did.

We delivered a website that achieved everything set out in the brief, from changing the customer experience through providing an effective advanced search, to completely modernising Prospectus and repositioning them as leaders within the industry.

A new element we built for the website was a live pricing feature allowing users to engage with a changeable slider which dynamically delivers live data, providing an immediate and responsive customer experience.


The results for Prospectus were instant. The new website allowed them to stand out in their field through a modernised look. Customers could straight away start using the site on mobile devices as well as easily navigating through the websites new search features.

We streamlined the entire digital experience for Prospectus, allowing them to track conversions through analytics enabling them to see engagement going up and bounce rates coming down.

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We created a multi-device experience that allows users to easily browse through manufacturer brands and vehicles whilst also engaging in very specific searches using a user-friendly search interface. We developed 'live pricing' allowing visitors to drag sliders to change pricing variables on the fly. They can then submit those specification straight to Prospectus as an enquiry. Speech Mark Icon

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