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Lightbox develop a mobile optimised ecommerce website for Skirting Boards Direct that doubles online revenue within 8 months.

Skirting Boards Direct Background

  • Online Sales double within 8 months following new website launch.
  • Page views per visitor increases from an average of 8 to and average of 18 page views per visitor session.
  • Website Bounce Rate (visitors that immediately leave the website on arrival) decreases from 46% to 27%.

Lightbox develop Skirting Boards Direct a new ecommerce website that has an immediate positive effect on the business and profit.

Skirting Boards Direct already had a dominant online presence in their market place and were receiving an average of 1,000 unique visits per day to their previous commerce website. Since the new website designed and developed by Lightbox was launched in June 2015 Skirting Boards Direct’s online performance has gone from strength to strength. Here’s how we did it…


Pre Project Planning

When you work with a business that has such a substantial online presence, every single design, UX and project decision has to be meticulously thought out and well planned.

Lightbox created a project plan that encapsulated the following:

  • Analysis of the Skirting Boards Direct current digital position.
  • Customer usability, interaction and user flow research.
  • Systematic approach to ecommerce and how the process integrates with day to day business operations at Skirting Boards Direct.
  • Aesthetic design, UX (user experience) and wire framing.
  • The purchasing process and how it can be streamlined.
  • The payment process and security.
  • Performance testing, validation and page speed.
  • Internal management of content through the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Data handling and migration of the old website data into the new website structure and layout.
  • Approach and configuration of hosting to ensure maximum website performance.
  • Launch of the new website including management of the migration of Search Engine factors e.g. redirection of old pages to new pages, SEO data handling.

Understanding Skirting Boards Direct

Following the project planning phase we made it our business to understand Skirting boards Direct’s business. We spent time on site understanding not only the operations of the business but also their approach to customer service.

During this time we identified many ways in which Lightbox could streamline their business processes ultimately saving time, money and management of orders and customers. The new website was going to dramatically improve not only the customers buying experience but also Skirting Boards Directs overall business operations, marketing capabilities and customer service.

We also had to consider the apprehension of the client. Skirting Boards Direct dominate the search results for their market and chosen keywords. Moving to a completely new website driven by a new ecommerce system was naturally a huge decision for the business.

They needed confidence that the project would not only be executed to the highest standards of design and code practices but also that their prominent position in the Search Engines would not be compromised.

view_2_Skirting Boards Direct_Project Page

Who is Skirting Boards Direct’s customer, how do they buy, and what do they want from an online experience?

We analysed the existing data in Google analytics to find out key information about the history of Skirting Boards Direct’s online footprint. The data also told us a lot about their customers online behaviour and interactions with their old website.

We were then able to use this comprehensive knowledge in our decision making for the new website and improve the overall customer shopping experience.

Lightbox-amended-7687_Skirting Boards Direct

Design & UX

A project like Skirting Boards Direct has to be handled with a high level of care. Their website was already performing well but they also knew that by investing in the right company to develop them a new website they could improve profitability, their online market share and their customer experience and loyalty.

Our research identified that there were certain elements of the old website that were working very well for the business. There were on page features that were getting used on a regular basis to navigate through the website, find products and make the purchase. It was our mission to factor all of this knowledge and historical data into the new design so that customers felt that the new website was familiar but better. We didn’t want to alienate loyal customers that had been using the old website for 12 years.

Lightbox understood that the customer had a ‘no frills’ attitude to buying online. They wanted to:

  • Easily find the product or skirting board profile they were looking for.
  • Understand the buying options.
  • Easily set their quantity.
  • Quickly make a purchase.
  • Receive their order confirmation instantly.

Everything had to be presented on the page. It was identified that drop down options and quirky functions were absolutely not part of the customers online requirements and so we designed all product options and ordering variables to be visible and clear on first glance.

This meant that customers could clearly understand how to order the skirting board lengths and heights that they required.

view_2_Skirting Boards Direct_Purchase Process_4

The Purchasing Process

We streamlined the purchasing process offering customers two simple ways to checkout:

Guest Checkout

We developed a ‘Guest Checkout’ system that enables new customers to purchase products quickly without having to create an online account. This meant that new customers could get from product choice to product purchase in a short amount of time.

Create an Account

We also developed an account creation system that enables regular customers to create an account and securely store their personal details e.g. Delivery address, billing address etc for future purchases. Having an account offers the quickest way to purchase products from Skirting Boards Direct.

One of the key features of the ‘Add to Basket’ functionality is the ability to add a product to your basket but then continue to shop, or go directly to the checkout. Due to customers often purchasing multiple skirting board sizes this functionality was imperative to usability.

The website utilises SagePay as a payment gateway so customers are able to make payment using credit/debit cards as well as PayPal.

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