Real world Retargeting Ads that actually work

Real-world Retargeting Ads that actually work

The power of retargeting!

We all will have experienced retargeting advertising at some point in our online lives. It starts when you are aimlessly browsing on your favourite fashion website or maybe googling where your next holiday might be. Next thing you know, ads from these specific websites start popping up and following you around everywhere on the web, reminding you of their existence. This is the power of retargeting!

Remarketing ads can come in many different shapes & sizes, and can be done through various platforms like Google and Facebook. The concept is the same: someone visits a site or interacts with a brand, they’re tagged with a tracking code, then ads pop up on their Facebook or Google to remind them just what they’re missing.

Why is retargeting so popular?

This question answers itself when you consider that a whopping 96% of visitors that land on a website will not follow through with a purchase. They simply have a nose, compare some prices and then leave, forgetting the website even exists. Using retargeting ads is vital to remind these visitors about the e-commerce store and ultimately convert them into customers.

With over 2 billion users, Facebook ads are extremely popular for this, as well as being super easy to create and manage. What’s more, Facebook remarketing ads get 3x the amount of engagement compared to regular ads proving just how effective they can be!

Now let’s take a step back for a second – if retargeting is the superpower it claims to be, why do so many brands get it oh so wrong?

For the remainder of this blog we will be digging out the best retargeting ads of the bunch:

  1. Keep them hooked with dynamic ads
  2. Be direct
  3. Create a sense of urgency
  4. Fine-tune your message

Keep them hooked

Remember, the retargeting audience already know who you are. So rather than showing them generic ads, use this opportunity to show them what they really want to see. Dangle the bait and showcase products you know they were initially hooked on!

Using Facebook Dynamic Ads will let you create tailored ads for each individual showing the specific products they viewed on your website (genius right?!). The benefit of this is that each ad is highly personalised and only promotes relevant products, meaning there is a high % of users returning to the site to buy! Check out some ads here that do this brilliantly:

Be direct

One big retargeting secret is to speak directly to your customers by using the word ‘you’ in your ad copy. This psychological trick makes the ad feel more personal to the user and automatically grabs their attention! Some of the best brands in the business like ASOS and Topshop do this awesome cheat regularly…

Even better, when you pair the word ‘you’ with products you know your customers were interested in this makes this strategy double as effective!

The clocks ticking!

Everyone hates the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out). So when an ad shows an irresistible deal with a countdown on offer time remaining, it creates an instant sense of urgency. This proven tactic can boost sales by giving customers the ‘push’ they need to make a purchase decision. After all, science shows we make decisions quicker under pressure!

Maximise on this strategy by retargeting these ads at users who have already visited your website without making a purchase. Show them a limited time discount that they just can’t ignore and they’ll feel they have to return to your website and complete their purchase. Or, why not retarget ads with loyalty deals to previous customers to get them to buy from you again?

Here’s what we mean:

Fine-tune your message

Remember, not all retargeting groups are made equal. The difference between someone who has already made a purchase from your site and someone who has merely looked at your landing page is huge! That’s why it’s so important to tailor your ad messaging accordingly.

When you’re doing this think about the customer’s stage of the buying journey. Sharing your newest product arrivals may not do so great with someone who has never brought from you before, but could be perfect when targeting former customers.

Keep in mind, short and sweet messaging usually is the way to go. Here’s one of our favourite examples:


There’s no doubt that retargeting ads are an effective tool to boost sales and to stay firmly in your target audience’s horizon. Used in the right way they can dramatically improve your paid advertising and yield powerful results for your brand. So if you want to try retargeting ads that actually work, follow these foolproof tips! Get in touch with us today for further guidance on your digital marketing strategy.