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6 Reasons Why You Should Share Ideas In The Workplace

08.09.16 Lightbox

By Rob Pollard
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As it’s ‘Swap Ideas Day’ on Saturday, we thought we’d put together a list of reasons why it’s good to share ideas in the workplace! There’s no clear origin for this day but it does give a reason to question whether you’re sharing enough in work as it could hugely benefit you, your colleagues and your business.

1. Creativity And Learning Improves In The Workplace

If you are encouraging all departments to integrate and share ideas then you’re allowing them to develop on their own personal learning. To have someone knowledgeable in one field is great but what if they develop an understanding for other things? That can be equally as great and give you a really strong team of employees to work with.

2. Gain Valuable Leadership Skills And Qualities

When employees are sharing ideas with others, they are utilising their leadership skills and from that improving on them as they are essentially suggesting improvements to their peers. The decisions and ideas they share could potentially lead to improving the overall business. From a personal point of view, individuals can use this small career step to eventually land a leadership role.

3. Showcase And Build Talent

Who doesn’t love showing off what they’ve got to offer?! It’s human nature. Sharing ideas in the workplace not only allows individuals to share valuable things and strengthen their confidence but it can also build and encourage talent to arise.. in places or maybe departments you wouldn’t expect it to arise from.

4. Strengthen Relationships

Team work is always a key aspect to consider when employing someone and should continue to be emphasised in the workplace. Sharing ideas will allow employees to socialise and use the fundamentals of team work to develop their position in the business. Helping co-workers out strengthens relationships and aids in enhancing careers.

5. Solves Issues Quickly

If one person is working on something and they hit a problem, it may continue to be an issue days later but if that individual was to share the problem with other employees then a solution may be suggested sooner! Sharing ideas within a workplace can save time for everyone.

6. Positivity Spreads!

People usually feel a sense of pride and happiness when they help people out. If you share ideas you’ll be seen as an optimistic person and if you were to accept somebody else’s suggestion, you’ll be giving them satisfaction in the fact that they’ve helped out. Sharing ideas can ultimately lead to a happier workforce which can reflect on the overall business.. leaving a good and lasting impression on customers.

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