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Strategist, Ricardo Williams joins Lightbox to offer clients a strategic roadmap for digital transformation

25.04.18 Lightbox

By Rob Pollard
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We are delighted to announce that Ricardo Williams has joined the Lightbox team as Head of Strategy.

Ricardo has strong strategic and technical experience, with a track record of working with iconic, recognisable brands, such as Harley-Davidson, Barclaycard, Jaguar, MG Motors, Money Supermarket, Saint-Gobain, ITV, O2, PlayStation Europe, and Walkers.

What this means for our clients.

Over the last 12 months, we have experienced significant business growth. In line with this growth, we have seen the size and complexity of digital projects continue to develop to move us into the position of being digital partners for large, high-growth SME’s.

Ricardo brings a strategic influence to our projects ensuring that our clients have a clear strategic roadmap for their business. Ricardo works with teams within Lightbox and directly with the brand to solve complex business, brand, marketing, and technology problems and ensures that every project that we undertake is a success. A strategic lead allows us to fully understand our clients and their ecosystem, allowing us to provide solutions that 100% bespoke, future-proofed and right for them.

What this means for us.

Having Ricardo onboard enables us to work with clients on a higher level. It allows us to underpin our partnerships with a clear strategic purpose that both our teams and our clients understand. Our mission is to make life easy for our clients, their teams, and their customers. The strategy piece helps us discover more about our clients, their customers, their world and internal/external factors that ultimately will have an impact on how they deliver their services and proposition. Without this part, we just become another digital marketing agency with no real focus and no added value.


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