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Adam Dunning

Digital Marketing Manager

Inspired by and heavily invested in technology I found that growing up my passion was always drawn towards hobbies that challenged my creativity and adaptability.

I have been an avid football fan since the age of 6, playing at numerous levels I quickly learned to welcome competition and how to excel under pressure, enjoying each and every challenge.

The urge to constantly be challenged lead me into the field of marketing which I first experienced at the age of 19 where I started as a search analyst. I quickly learned that to thrive in the digital world you had to be able to adapt and react to the unpredictability that came with it.

Working in marketing has been so rewarding for me, not only am I in a field that constantly challenges my creativity and ability to adapt and deal with the unknown but along the way it has taught me the ins and outs of business and how people behave by studying consumer behaviour traits.

I have always been a socialite so having the privilege to meet new people and learn about new businesses is another huge factor in my love for marketing. Building new relationships and helping people achieve what they thought was unthinkable really gives me the motivation and satisfaction to continue to develop.

Working at Lightbox is more of an honour, although the team here are super talented it is each individuals drive and passion that really shines through. Working alongside people that are so dedicated to each and every project is inspiring and only helps enhance my passion and commitment to Lightbox.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think how lucky I am to work in a team that I love, alongside clients that are awesome, within a field that I’m passionate about.


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