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Dan Hobson


Being a part of an ever growing team such as the one here at Lightbox, filled with intelligent individuals helps provide a great working environment and makes coming to 'work' thoroughly enjoyable. 

Technology has been a part of my life since I can remember; from a very young age I always had some sort of device at hand whether it be a retro Gameboy Colour or a Playstation; which only grew my love for technology.

I have always been inspired by technology and what can be done when you set your mind to it. I was part of a project during my time at College, where we were given the task of designing and developing an educational software package using a Raspberry Pi and Python to teach younger people how to code in.. Python.

I have an overindulgence obsession with messing around and tweaking code to see what interesting things come from it, there’s no better feeling than building something from scratch into a fully functioning application.

Working as a Web Developer for the past 3 years has been very rewarding, and has helped my technical and socials skills tremendously. Being able to look back at the work that we have produced and seeing the progress we have made provides a great sense of achievement.


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