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Throughout my life, creativity and new ideas have fascinated me. It started early when I would sit and draw for hours on end. As I moved throughout education I quickly realised that whatever I did ‘as a grown up’ needed to allow a creative outlet.

Life drawing and design along with football and guitar were my passions throughout college and university (I still love playing guitar in a rock n roll/soul band and hold a season ticket at Birmingham City FC).

Shortly after finishing university in 2001, I was offered a design job.

As my commercial awareness developed, I found the commercial application of new ideas as interesting as the ideas themselves and so, alongside my professional career I studied a post grad Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma. It was long 2 years of evening lectures but it was extremely motivating.

The complexities and challenges of marketing and business drove my desire to form Lightbox in 2006. The first 2 years in business were great! Starting out with a nothing and no clients is so exciting – particularly as you begin to see things start to build momentum.

The 2008 economic crash arrived and taught me a valuable lesson to work hard, be adaptable and remain positive for the next few years. Those years also gave me solid foundations for good decision making and business planning.

Business is one of the most joyous journey’s I have ever experienced. Some of the people and clients I have met and continue to work with are inspiring commercially and personally.

Every day is different at Lightbox. The beauty of our business is every project has it’s unique requirements, challenges and goals. It’s our job to be creative to fulfil our project briefs and realise a positive outcome. That’s what I enjoy the most – making a positive difference to someone’s business.

One of my greatest achievements is the team that we have at Lightbox. Seeing each person develop, achieve great things and become an integral part of the business is very satisfying. Relationships are important to us inside and outside of the business.

I enjoy meeting new people and speaking. This is something that I have had the opportunity to do more of as the business has developed. I have spoken at exhibition shows and trade conferences.

It’s a pleasure to be able to say that I love what I do and that there aren’t many days that feel like i’m at work.


Our Team.