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Tom Lewis


think it’s fair to say that technology has played a big part in pretty much all of our lives. Growing up in the 90’s, I remember the excitement of getting the original PlayStation for my birthday (yes I really am that old), and my first computer a few Christmas’s later. Both opened my eyes to the world of digital creativity and exploration.

Mixed with a passion for being creative (outlets of this including drumming and writing music) and solving problems in an innovative manner, I naturally developed a fascination of trying to break the barriers of what is possible with technology.

This new found love quickly channeled itself into my educational descisions, choosing to undertake ICT at school and sixth form, before going on to study Multimedia Computing at Aston University.

During my time at Aston it soon became apparent that developing websites and creating digital solutions was something I wanted to do full time; the flexibility and scope to use my problem solving skills and creative flair to offer technological solutions really excited me. I graduated from university with honours and collected an additional certificate for the most innovative and highest graded final year project on the course, for my work on a tablet application which allowed the universities’ Formula Student racing team to walk the route of any race track and trace that path into a digital format, thus overcoming the (rather unhelpful) problem whereby the drivers were never actually allowed to complete a practise lap before having to race against the clock against other teams.

From the moment I left university I immediately began working in the world of web development, immersing myself in the latest coding practises, languages and techniques. This eventually lead me to Lightbox Creative Studios. Working at Lightbox has allowed me to further my technical knowledge vastly, working on a variety of platforms – with a wide range of programming languages – but always with the same goal, to solve digital problems in the most efficient and stylish manner possible.

Outside of work, I still play drums for various musicians in and around my home town of Sutton Coldfield, with a particular highlight of my musical endeavours being awarded a Guinness World Record in 2012, for performing a piece of music alongside 500 other drummers at the NIA, in aid of the MS Society.


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