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Warren Bickley

Technical Director

Technology has had a remarkable impact on my life. I started writing code at just 12 for a multiplayer online team deathmatch game using a C derivative, I co-ran this gaming server until I was around 18 at which point we regularly had between 500 – 2000 different players throughout a day. This active user base meant I had to be extremely cautious about security and performance, a trait which has only grown stronger over the past decade. The sheer size of the project after years of constant development meant that code structure, versioning and testing were extremely important and this is reflected in Lightbox’s work today.

I started working with Rob at Lightbox in 2012, initially developing WordPress websites for small businesses. Our humble beginnings soon grew into a massive variety of offerings, surrounded by a great team of which I am proud to be a part of. I love and am very passionate about the work that we do. Our internal practises and toolset are particularly a point of success for me thanks to the years of development and experience poured into them.

Outside of work, I still enjoy skateboarding as it’s a great escape from the screen whilst being equally rewarding. I have a 5 year old Irish ex-racing greyhound, Gracie, who I absolutely adore as she never fails to brighten up my day.


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